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Shingles an ars symptoms??

Hello everyone , I would like to share my possible exposure , I had protected vaginal intercourse with a girl and now
I am in the third week of my exposure and I am experiencing a needle like pain and irritation on my back only  when I lie down for the last 5 days  with no visible rash or pimples on my back , and what's freaking me out is the possibility of shingles .now my specific questions are

1. Can shingles be a symptom of acute hiv infection .
2. How long does it take for the rashes to appear after the initial pain .

I am extremely worried hence would request the experts to please respond .
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You never had an exposure and shingles have nothing to do with ARS and are not HIV specific
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Thank u so much sir for ur prompt reply
Just one clarification , it is said that shingles is common to people with a weak immune system which includes hiv , all I want to know is if it can be a symptom of acute hiv infection or comes at a later stage of hiv .
And if u would could also tell me that can shingles outbreak come without rashes .

Thank you
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It's not a symptom of HIV at all
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you NEVER had a risk.  accept your status and stop with the google diagnosing.  if you are having health concerns, see your dr...it's NOT hiv related.
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Yes it is common for those people that have had HIV for long period of time to get shingles but it is not a symptom of ARS.
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Thank u so much sir for the clarification.
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Thank. So much for the reply ,
I have consulted the GP , he has asked for some vitamin deficiancy tests and said that it could be hyperasthesia which I read could be a symptom of shingles . But as u said I ll stop googling it now and move on ....
Thanks again mam
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Thank u so much for the reply sir
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stopping the googling is a good idea & anyone can get shingles
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You're welcome.
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