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Shingles and HIV

June 4th, Dr. diagnosed me whith Shingles.  After looking it up on the web I began to panic.  14 months prior I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman that caused severe friction burn broke skin on my penis.  (possible means of infection).  Of course since I have been diagnosed with shingles I am constantly getting HIV symptoms. (to many to mention).

June 12th I went to a different DR. with my concerns, of course he told me  I have no concern and said I should take the test to clear my anxiety.

June 27 I went back for results.  Dr. told me that his report showed that my test was pending.  When I asked what that meant he said they have to wait for enough samples to run a test.  He then sid he would make a phone call.  He came back and said I have nothing top worry about it was negative.  

July 3rd. I went back to Dr. still with concerns of my symptoms.  He still did not have a report from the lab with a negative report.  It seems very strange to me that it would take almost a month to get a report back.

My question is at the time of testing I was on an  anti viral medication i believe it is (famciclovir).  And I was a week into shingles, could this cause my test to be inconclusive.

Should I get re tested,  I would love to see a piece of paper that say's negative.  I cant help thinking that it was inconclusive and the DR. is telling me it is negative just because he believes it would be.
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Shingles, has nothing to do with HIV. Shingles can happen to anyone that has had chickenpox. You keep mentioning test results and I suppose you are talking HIV test results. If you haven't received your results in two weeks retest.
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My main question is can the anti viral medication and shingles cause a inconclusive HIV test
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The answer is no.
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