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Shingles at week 8

I have posted a concern before, but I need to add a couple of other symptoms that since then have happened

My first post was:
I had unprotected oral encounter with a massage girl on dec 30 08, she cut my penis with her teeth and there was redness and lesions on my foreskin. next day I started with yeast infection. (What I did not mention before is that I think she had a cold sore developing -she was using a lot of lipstick-)

2 weeks later I had relations with my girlfriend and 3 weeks later my girl started to have a terrible stomach ache  3 days later started with headaches and diziness and muscle cramps in her arm and leg and sore throat. 1 week later I started with the same symptoms, one by one plus vomitting and general malice dry coughing and diziness (today 4 days).
It has been now over 4 weeks I continue to be lightheaded and I have developed a sore throat with a visible lymph node inflammation, at the same time I started with a terrible headache (pinching/pulsating) pain only on the left side of my head (pain comes and goes every 15 sec), 4 days after this I developed a pain under my left armpit and I could feel the lymph node inflamed as well, 2 days later I had a rash on the left side only together with skin tenderness which was diagnosed shingles by my dermatologist. I continue with the yeast infection and I had a reoccurrence of my herpes 2 also.
Today my girl seems to start having the same symptoms of tenderness in her left side as well.

How long after the symptoms occured would the elisa test show positive?
On early HIV infection the symptoms happen all at once or one by one over a months time?
Would all primary HIV symptoms would have fever as a common denominator?

Thank you
I am very very concern
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