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Shingles but Hiv negative????

I am a 25 year old female and I believe I have had two (now in the second one) bouts of shingles on mytright buttocks. I asked my Dr when the last time I was tested got hiv and he said December 2012 and before that August 2011. Both negative. I have been with the same guy since March 2011 and he was a virgin when he met and wr have not cheated on each other. So with me being negative I wonder what is brining this on?
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Having had chickenpox. Singles doesn't have anything to do with HIV.
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What teak said.  If you think you have shingles, you need to be treated, see your doctor.  It has nothing to do with HIV.
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Do you think that I should get tested for HIV again, or am I ok? Also how do they test for shingles? Sorry I have just been getting more and more sick lately and I have a 3 year old son, so I am just really worried. Freaking I gave something to my kid and not have known, if they makes sense...
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You don't have an HIV concern.
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So I know you said having chickenpox brings shingles on......but why did it lay dormant for so long now come up? I do feel ill and when I first got it it felt like something bit my buttocks.....my main concern is having HIV and possibly giving it to my son or giving anything to my son. I just look at him and feel like crap bc of my one stupid mistake when I was 18.I just wish i kknew what started it. My first bout was like 2 months ago and I'm going through one now. I have had numerous hiv test since my exposure at 18 and I wish I could be content but I read things that say some people can actually become positive years after
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Also is shingles serious?
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Post in the proper forum, this forum is HIV specific.
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Sorry I am new to this I didn't know. Again I'm sorry
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