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Should I Worry About HIV-2?

Hello, I ordered a Home Access test kit, which states that it screens for HIV-1.  Home Access says they do not screen for HIV-2.  My Questions:
1. Living in the United States, should I worry about HIV-2?

2. If it has been over two years since possible exposure, would the Home Access test pick up HIV-2 if present and cause a positive reaction on this test?

3. If a test designed to screen HIV-1 is used on a person with HIV-2, will the test come back as a false negative, or will it at the very least come up as indeterminate?

4. I know the risk of HIV-2 is if you have had sex with someone from West Africa, but what are the risks if your partner had sex with someone from there, or if your partner had sex with someone who had sex with someone from there, etc?

Thank You!
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You never had an exposure and have already been advised of it. You don't need any testing for HIV.
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I would suggest you have a regular HIV test at a clinic if you believe you had a risk and test for HIV 1 and HIV 2.With regards to HIV 2,it's very rare in countries outside of West Africa.
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