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Should I be panicking? HIV concern

So I recently got out of a long term relationship & then began seeing another guy. We ended up having unprotected sex one time (if it matters he did not “finish”). I had never done anything like that & was not thinking clearly. The next day, I was so scared that I bought an oraquick test and helped him take it. I am knowledgeable about the window period but thought this would be a decent indication of his status. I’ve asked him multiple times when the last time he had sex with a girl was etc, & he says January. I never plan to do anything like this again because the anxiety I have is obviously not worth it, but right now I’m just trying to ease my mind. He is not a drug user or seem to do any risky behavior. I plan to take an oraquick test at 21 days to help myself relax. Should I be panicking as much as I am? Any input would be great.
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From a risk assessment point of view, if your partner is not a intravenous drug user and  heterosexual male along with the factor of not ejaculating inside of you, risk is low.

I second AnxiousNoMore and DragonPulse, your best option is to get a IV Generation HIV test at 28 days from the date of exposure. Should you are unable to access the above test take any standard Antibody test at 6 weeks for a conclusive.

Good luck.
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12 weeks window for oraquick so he is conclusive which makes you also. I doubt he is lying but you can do your own test to be sure about that. I wouldn't even think about it while you are waiting to test. I suggest you don't pester him anymore, since you got all the info available and it would be annoying to be in his shoes receiving the same question multiple times if he really did test. If you keep asking him, he might not like the distrust and not want to see you again.
A duo is conclusive at 4 weeks if you want to go to a clinic.
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Panicking is not going to change the result. Try to relax and go for a duo combo ag/ab test 28 days after your exposure. In the future, try to focus on prevention and use condom every single time you have sex.

All the best.
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