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Should I be worried

I hooked up with this guy that I’ve hooked up with before about a year ago. I was bottom and we used a condom when he came I felt a weird thrust though idk how to describe it. It didn’t sound like a pop and I didn’t feel the warmth of any semen. He then pulled out correctly and I saw the condom and there was indeed semen at the tip I saw that forsure. With that info wat is my risk. Do I need testing hopefully not since the semen is supposed to collect at the tip right?
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If your condom didn't fail, there is nothing to worry about.

You seem to be anxious and that is leading you to irrational fear. If you are unable to stop being anxious, you could see a counselor.

You weren't at risk and testing won't be necessary.
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But just confirming how would I know it didn’t. If it broke would there have been semen at the tip?
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Condom breakages are evident, if you are guessing that it broke, most probably it actually didn't.

The idea of microscopic tears and holes are not real, you seem to be in the clear, see a therapist if you're anxious.
Yea I guess this type of sex just makes me nervous. Even though I went about it the correct way. Won’t be doing this again. Thank you
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