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Should I be worried about STDs or HIV?

(Asked this in STD/STIs, but figured it is better suited here) I (F) had a sexual encounter with a male last night. Before the encounter he told me he was clean and on PrEP, but did not show me any proof. I asked again after if I should be getting tested for anything and he said no. Asked for proof and he said he was leaving town today and would send them sometime in the next two weeks. The head of his penis was rubbing on my hole for an extended period of time. Protection was used during penetration EXCEPT for one time I think he entered me without protection which lasted less than a minute as I stopped it as soon as I realized. If he did enter me it was only the tip, not the full penis. There were a few times he put the condom on backwards, then just flipped it around and still used it. He would also touch his penis then finger me multiple times during the encounter. Should I be enquiring with a doctor about PEP? Is this as big of a deal as I am making it out to be? How long should I wait to get tested?
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PEP is reserved for those who had a true risk with someone KNOWN to be hiv +. You wouldn't and shouldn't' qualify for that. That you had protected intercourse, you know that is no risk. IF you were penetrated, only you know. That is a risk. However, a slight penetration for a brief moment is really going to be minimal in terms of risk. A FULL penetration unprotected intercourse exposure is less than 1 percent chance of transmitting. I would not be worried. But if you think you had a penetration event, test at 28 days or after with a 4th generation Duo test. That will be accurate and almost assuredly negative.
Thank you so much for the input. I’ll be in touch with a clinic to get testing in 28 days and will not stress so much in the meantime. Appreciate it.
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