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Should I be worried?

Hello community,

I have used female escorts services 5 times last year year, used condoms for vaginal intercourse each time, and gave/received unprotected oral. Last time I was tested for HIV was in Dec 06 and thank God I was clean. Do I need to worry about HIV if I'm consistently using condoms for everything but oral? Can HIV be transferred via oral if there are some other possible infections present? Having read that half the damn population has chlamydia without even knowing it, and other STD's that can go for yours without symptoms, made me worried that I've potentially exposed myself to HIV if I had some undiagnosed STD with no symptoms.

Thank you for your replies,

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You don't need to worry about contract HIV or STDs by vaginal sex when using a condom. You could contract STDs orally. If you are sexually active, you should test at least annually.
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All the unprotected exposures I had in 2007 were mutual oral sex, and the one time I'm really worried about was when the escort had too much "teeth" so I asked her to stop. I haven't been with an escort in 3 months, and a few weeks ago I went down with a serious flu-like symptoms, mild fever, sweats, muscle tension, nausea and diarrhea. All I could think of was HIV, I know, silly, but I can't get it out of my head. 3 weeks later, my skin is getting unusually dry, diarrhea comes and goes, and I'm feeling weak as a leaf one day and ok the next. I feel like I'm over the flu, but my body is acting up. Never had sweaty feet or palms, and now they're a daily occurrence. Never regained my appetite and still feel nausea. It feels like the flu I had did something drastic to my body. Would ARS symptoms just disappear after a couple of weeks, or would they persist in lesser forms? I keep on telling myself that this is anxiety driving me nuts, cause every time I let my mind go to the risks of HIV I subjected myself to in the past, I feel nauseated, weak, and tired. Am I driving myself insane thinking I have wrecked my life by using escorts back in 2007 or am I considered to be a high risk category?

Thanks for answering,

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after doing a search...i found that you have a four month negative.  correct?
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i'm sorry...i meant to post this on worrywart87's post.  please over look this reply :)
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Teak, any words of wisdom for me? I'm just afraid...
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If you're worried about an incident in 2007...Guess what... You can test now and have it be conclusive.  But receiving oral and having protected sex aren't something to be concerned about... Go get tested if you can't let it go.
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You're educating masses about HIV, and you have probably done as extensive of a research on the subject as anyone out there. Can you help me understand something I have found on the web in regards to oral sex risks?

Here is what I'm talking about:


Clinical and epidemiologic features of primary HIV infection
Schacker T; Collier AC; Hughes J; Shea T; Corey L. Ann Intern Med, 1996 Aug, 125:4, 257-64

BACKGROUND:  Of the 12 patients who could identify the precise date of and activity leading to seroconversion, 4 reported having only oral-genital contact. CONCLUSIONS:  Increased attention to oral-genital contact as a means of acquiring HIV appears to be warranted.
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From Doctor K. San Francisco City Clinic.

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To add to the discussion, in some research that was done... patients reported only having oral sex, but upon subsequent interviewing, they admitted to having riskier sexual acts such as unprotected anal sex. You need to be very careful when trying to interpret scientific research. There are more recent studies, with a large number of patients and numerous, numerous exposures... that show how low risk oral sex is.
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