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Should I get PEP treatment ?

35 hours ago, I been exposed due to a fail condom in vaginal sex for 5 sec with sex worker. Also the condom  seemed to have a "red" color on it. I showered and used the bathroom immediately. Should I run to the ER and request PEP treatment (is it recommended ) or wait and do the testing within the earliest window ? Please advice.
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I doubt it would be recommended but that is something for you and your Dr to discuss.
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please don't take my comments below as doubting anybody rather it's my curiosity.

I have read a lot of the archived posts and seems most expert responses (Dr H. Hunter Handsfield, MD and Edward W Hook, MD) DID NOT  recommend PEP almost in every single exposure post, and seems they are very confidence.

In my mind "To be safe rather than sorry" theory, this will be a risk especially hiv is a serious infection. Just wonder if someone from the experts or admins can comment on this.
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Vance is the Community Leader of this forum, so if anyone here is an expert, it is him.  

He has given you correct information, mainly because he knows what he is talking about.  If you are overly concerned, talk with your doctor.
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I have no second thought about that , I really appreciate him taking the time to respond to members concerns, and as you see above he is in line with others experts.
I just like to know if possible at what point the PEP been recommended.

Thanks in advance for your respond.
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PEP is not recommended, but that is for you to discuss with your doctor to see what they think
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