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Should I get Tested

Hello Doctor,

I reside in Middle east, an Indian male 35 years of age, circumcised, Married with no significant medical history or STI. I got a little out of control first time in my life in past 4 months due to some anxiety and loneliness issues and hooked up with 5 different CSWs, 3 African and 2 Asian girls of unknown HIV Status, just once with every girl on different dates. I had protected Vaginal sex and non-Protected Oral sex. Girls were careful, particularly Africans, looked clean and provided Condoms to me but did oral without any protection. I Don’t remember condom breakage in most of the encounters but in one encounter girl was inspecting condom, as she removed it. On my Inquiry, she said everything ok, but she looked worried. I tried to get in touch with this girl, but she already left country. My first encounter was on 24th of Aug and last encounter was on 11th of Dec. On 25th of October, I got sore throat and runny nose for one day and in two days everything was ok. Again on 18th of Dec, i got sudden sore throat with runny nose, very mild cough and sneezing along with tiredness. I was ok next day without any medication except sore throat and mild burning sensation on whitish tongue, both are so mild, and I can just feel these even today. I read about it on google and since then i am freaking out about HIV. I never felt feverish or swollen lymph or any rash but only mild discomfort in throat and runny nose. I went to GP, He refused to do HIV test without details of sexual history as its required by ministry here, but he did Normal CBC and urine test twice, on 25th of Dec and 3rd of Jan. In first CBC, MCHC was 37, Segmented Neutrophils were 71.8 and Lymphocyte were 1864.   No Significant reading in 2nd CBC, lymphocyte were 2020. While urine analysis both times was ok. I am so in pressure and anxiety since then, can’t eat or sleep due to worry and looking for symptoms all the time, lost almost 7 kg weight as its written everywhere, condoms only save like 70% of the time and I don’t remember condom status as girls were removing those. I can’t get an anonymous HIV test here as result has to be shared with ministry of health and they deport if positive and ask for details about encounters. My questions are.

1: Am i exposed to HIV?
2: If vaginal fluid enters in condom and mix with semen. What are chances of HIV.
3: Is there any known case of HIV to insertive partner due to condom brake in heterosexual encounter? What’s ratio.
2: Should i take risk of test here by donating blood and face deportation and investigation or maybe jail as well. Because I can’t coup up with my current mental condition and guilt.

Need support and guidance.
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1. No so move on and forget about the rest of your questions. hiv is fragile virus and dead in air so not as easy to catch as you worry about.
You can't get hiv when you use a condom and only the head needs protection. Careful study of the condom next time you put on one will reveal that fluids can't slide under the ring at the bottom - otherwise the condom would fall off if it was that loose.
If a condom fails it rips down the seam and is hard to take off, so your GUESS that she saw something is incorrect.  Move on, nothing happened - there is no jail to worry about since you're negative - and sex workers know that you can't get hiv from oral because it's dead in saliva and air.
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Thanks for Quick Response. Its big relief to listen from some knowledgeable person.
I donate blood on every 1st march as its my birthday. Should i donate this time or avoid. In this country any expat donating blood possibly affected by HIV is considered crime. Please suggest or guide.
You must be very anxious because that question indicates you haven't understood any of  the advice. Reread about move.

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