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Should I not worry about HIV?

Last possible exposure was heterosexual in nature and in February of 2018.

Had night sweats and feeling like something was coursing through my veins off and on every day.  Chills immediately afterward.

In May I had an oral test and two blood tests both 4th Gen all negative.

Leg muscles have been getting progressively worse, lipids all out of sorts, low T, gain of abdominal fat.

January of 2019, had another blood 4th Gen test and also Qualitative PCR both negative.

Yet the symptoms really do fit HIV...  I also got checked for HTLV and Hep C, Lupus and Lyme.

Crp and Sed rates have both been high and oddest symptom of all is burning sensation of Tongue for no reason every day.

Ran a Cd4 check just to check levels over the last year 3 times and they were 875, then 904, then 1254 in that order.

If my leg muscles didn’t seem to be wasting away I wouldn’t be so concerned...

Very frustrated, if it’s HIV I just want to find it so I can treat it, if truly not that then in search of a diagnosis.  I’ve even considered sing
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I meant to say I’ve considered signing up for prep just to see if taking it gets rid of my symptoms...

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You've tested conclusively negative. You do not have HIV. Taking prep will not get rid of your symptoms, that's not its intention and is not prescribed for symptoms. You're completely focusing on all the wrong things and that's why you're still having issues. Stop obsessing on HIV because it's already been ruled out repeatedly with all of your negative results. Find a doctor to evaluate your problem and figure it out.
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You posted with similar symptoms, including leg issues, back in 2009 and also were tested for HIV back then.  I would find new doctors if they are STILL not able to identify the cause of your weakness.  Unless you had unprotected penetration (anal or vaginal) as your "possible exposure," you didn't have a risk to start with.

I hope you find a doctor who is able to identify the non-HIV cause of your issues.
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I also just noticed that in 2003, you had similar symptoms and tested EIGHT times for HIV.  That really is excessive, and points toward a phobia of HIV.  You can always relate any symptoms to HIV if that's all you're focused on, since HIV does not have symptoms unique to HIV.   Please also talk to your doc about your fear of HIV.
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