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Should I seek PeP?

Last night, I met up with a woman I have been talking to. She is 43 and has a significant sexual history - all this i found out after we have sex.  But she has multiple partners, and has participated in swingers clubs.  However, she is also a nurse and says she is tested about every six months and has never had any problems.

Well we had very long unprotected rough sex twice last night.  We were fully lubricated but had a lot of foreplay that i suspect could have possibly caused there to be open skin - once i pulled my finger out of her vagina and accidentally scraped the inside, and two she bumped my penis multiple times with her teeth.  Though this I am not completely sure about.  

Now I am obsessing and worried sick because we had unprotected sex.  She denies having any problems with any STD/STI including all viral - I asked more than once.  But I can't stop thinking about her sexual history and wondering if she could have picked something up from one of her many partners and given it to me.  

Should I seek out the post exposure prophylaxis?  Thanks
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Unprotected penetration poses a risk of HIV transmission.
An HIV test at the right time will give you accurate results.
A 4th generation test should be done at 4 weeks post exposure and a simple HIV test at three months post exposure.
Keep calm and test at the right time.
Take care
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