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Should i be worried?!

Ok, so i had sex with a guy litteraly 13 hours ago.
I am a male, he topped me.
Before we engaged in intercourse with a condom, he wanted to insert his penis inside of me for about 3 seconds, to see what i felt like.
I agreed and did it for no more than a minute.
After that we procede with intercourse with a condom, at what point during sex, i noticed he took off the condom and was engaging in unprotected sex with me.
This happened for like maybe less than a minute also.
But after that another condom was used and he ejaculated in the condom.
I know this for sure because I saw the semen in the condom after he pulled out, the condom was still intact.

After the incounter we go our seperate ways, and i asked him if he was hiv negative, he told me yes he was and that he was also on prep also reccomending i get on prep also.

But later in the day i had the feeling like i needed to pass gas or stool, figuring it was gas i released and felt something liquidy come out of my anus, i go to the bathroom and its this clear fluid, it smelled like semen aswell.
Which i assumed to be his semen, which is contradictory to me seeing that he had finished in the condom.
Then this jelly like substance came out aswell.

I asked him, he said for certain he finished in the condom.

So i am asking what are my risks and how high are they? Should i get on Pep soon as possible?
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You have had an exposure without condom, which is always risky.

You can talk to your doctor as you are still on time to get pep, but always check it with him/her before, as pep is toxic.

If you decide to avoid pep, you can go for a combo ag/ab hiv test after 28 days.
Risky, yes. But how risky was that?
Should i do pep regardless?
It's impossible to calculate probabilities. But anal penetration with ejaculation inside is the most risky exposure possible regarding HIV.

A risky situation is that, a risky situation.
Go to visit your doctor, please.
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why is he on pep though?
He’s on PREP not PEP.
Different medications.
Whether is on Prep or not, it's better to talk to your doctor. Please, don't hesitate to do it.
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