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Should i get PEP please help!

Ok so i had anal sex with a guy i dont particularly know we used a condom, but we used vaseline as lube without knowing that vaseline messes with latex, (i thought i could have protrected sex without worry but thats not the case, im just done with this act overall its too much at stake) the condom did not break i asked him after sex and he said the condom was fine and i saw it from a distance and it appeared to be intact, i could see that the tip was still there, but wat im worried about is that we used a pretty generous amount of vaseline and it could have possibly caused tiny holes to escape allowing hiv to break through, i am very scared as i just had a bad scare and ended up testing for 6 months, i cannot go through this again and i thought that me using a condom would make me feel sate but it didnt im once again a paranoid wreck, thus why im now deciding to obstain from sex forever now, as far as his status he claimed to be negative and on prep, though i havent confirmed the fact, its only been one day should i just go get pep?
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no, you should not get pep, or even abstain from sex forever. your tiny holes theory isn't possible, the condom was intact and you had no risk. you also do not need to test for 6 months, a 4th gen duo test is conclusive at 4 weeks, and all others at 12 weeks.
So if there were little holes the condom would have broke right? Or if it broke it would have been completely obvious, im just nevous because literally the day afterifound out ur not supposed to use vaseline with condoms, and now the guy is somewhat ignoring me. And no im definitely stopping forever, i cant take this stress just for sex
there are no tiny holes or micro tears to  worry about, no matter what else you've read on that. if it broke, you'd know as it will hang in pieces.  as far as never having sex, thats your choice of course, but i personally think humans should. stopping because a fear of HIV seems like an anxiety issue, you may need to seek help for that. Continue to practice safe sex outside of any monogamous relationships.
So basically if the condom is not noticeably broken there was no risk, just to confirm and relieve me of my feaes
You are still asking what you were told twice.
I've already answered you and told you everything you need to know in both my posts. I'm not here to relieve fears, only answer questions pertaining HIV. your fears of sex and HIV sounds like a mental issue, especially considering you're debating about never having a sexual encounter again. you should seek a therapist or psychiatrist to help with anxiety.
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