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Should i worry about hiv after 15 years ?

My qustion is when most people devlope to aids from hiv infection without treatment? Like the majority of people . Every site on the web says a diffrent thing . Some says up to 10 years and cdc says 15 years and others says 8 years .thank you
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We ask for your risk you are concerned about and we can answer from there.  Agree that it would not be practical to think someone had HIV for long periods of time without it being detected.
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My exposure was condom break once with a massage parlor in south africa , and now i have to kids 5 years and 2 years and my wife did all tests during pregnancy including hiv tests for pregnants , and she did last one before 3 months which is all negatives,
From a one time vaginal exposure without condom the chances are 1 in 2000. With condom but failure would lower the risk further more.
No one in this forum has tested positive from a single unprotected vaginal exposure in the last 10 years.

Every thing from the statistics ,  you being healthy after 15 years and your wife's tests are suggesting that you havent contracted hiv.

I recommend a test just to bring a peace of mind. Get tested . im 100% sure you ll be negative.
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What was your exposure 15 years back?

And living 15 years with hiv without treatment is not practical .
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