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Hi, Can swollen nodes in armpits and groin and hives that come and go on my chest a sign of HIV. This is 2 years after my last unprotected sexual encounter.

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Even if they have been occuring on and off for the past year?
Would hives not be a sign of HIV so late then Teak?
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if you have had unprotected sex or shared iv drug works and have not tested...then you should do so.  testing is the only way to know one's status.
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I know that LOizzie but are these symptoms specific of HIV?
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if you know that then TEST ! ! ! ! !  symptoms or lack thereof do not diagnose hiv.
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So you dont agree with Team then Lizzie?
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So you dont agree with teak then Lizzie???
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Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV, as well as symptoms tell you nothing about your status as told above.

If you are thinking about HIV, test for an answer, Just because your symptoms are not due to HIV, DOES NOT mean you do not have HIV.
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