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Sinus Issues

Dr. HH

Sorry to be back but I have been having sinus problems ever since my test, about two months.  My ears have been full/clogged, I've been congested and I have slight dull pain almost all the time in my ears.  My Doctor says it ETD and gave me Flonase which has done nothing.  I realize that my 11 week negative test should have eased my fears but with this chronic sinus problem I just haven't been able to give it up.  I know these symptoms aren't ARS but could they be signs of HIV complication?  Please if you could answer these following questions I would be extremely grateful:
1.  Can Chronic Sinus issues and ETD be signs of HIV infection?  Not ARS just HIV.
2.  If I was experiencing these issues already would it make it even more likely that my test was acurate?  Or would my early developement of symptoms mean that I haven't developed the necessary antibodies which could theorhetically mean my test was false negative?

Thanks for taking the time Dr.

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If anybody else has any thoughts on my situation I would love to hear them.  I know when you read my posts your initial reaction would be to disregard me but I'm really scared about this.  I mean who gets nasal congestion, a string of head colds and clogged slightly painful ears for over two months?  Especially when as a 39 year old man I've never had anything like this even remotely.  I'm having trouble enjoying my life so please help.
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See your doctor for your nasal congestions and head colds.
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I'm so sorry for what I'm sure you see as rediculous.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do for everyone here and if I didn't think this was serious I certainly wouldn't waste your time.  Is an 11 week negative 100% acurate.  Not many places share that opinion but I feel your knowledge might be more acurate.
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3 months post exposure is conclusive.
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OK.  There it is.  So I need to retest to be sure that these sinus issues aren't HIV related.  Why do the docs say that 8 weeks is reliable and often tell people they don't need to retest?
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I can tell you your sinus issue don't have anything to do with HIV. Sinus is sinus. There are no tests marketed or sold to give a conclusive negative test earlier than 3 months post exposure.
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does it matter where a test is performed , i mean 3 months is conclusive in UK and maybe Europe, but how about in New York , where i havn't found any place that provide an advanced test generation ( Elisa 3rd or 4th generation). i beleive at my hospital they use Elisa Hiv1and 2 first generation, is it conclusive at 3 months or 6 month test is required to be in the clear?
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There is no first generation ELISA HIV1 and HIV 2. 3 months is when you can obtain your conclusive test results and has been since 2004 that is for everywhere. .
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i have done 4 tests on the same day at 15 weeks post exposure
Hiv1and AB (1 gen)  : nonreactive
HIv, pcr rna             : UNDETECTED
rapid hiv1 and 2 finger prick :  negative
Acute HIv test ( viral load) : negative ( but took more time than normal 4 weeks which worried me)

and my doctor when he called me to give results he said your tests are negative, jut come back after the 6 month mark to do another test for conclusive results. in 2 weeks it's going to be 26 weeks and i'm afraid to do the test.
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You don't need any further testing. Your results were conclusive.
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thanks teak for your appreciated comments.
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