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Skin Rash

I had a unprotected sex with a unknown HIV Status female CSW. After the 8 weeks from the exposure brown and black skin rash developed in my back side, neck, and arm-phits. Some time some rashes in red.  No itching.  I have also white coated tongue. But no flue like sympthem.  Is this a  symthem of HIV
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Ur symptoms are too late for ars (8 weeks)
BUT ..

u did a dumb mistake by having UNPROTECTED SEX WITH A CSW !!!! are u nuts?

u need a HIV test .

test now (8 weeks) for a very good indicator...and retest at 3 months.
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Bro i wanna say Sorry to u for saying "are u nuts"

pls forgive me... its just that wanted to stress that PLS dunt make this mistake... use a condom....

take care bro

god bless
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