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Slipped condom

Hello guys,
I had oral and insertive vaginal intercourse with a female sex worker. The sex process started with protective blowjob and ended with the condom slipped off halfway (I'm 100% sure about these facts). But I'm not 100% sure for the middle of the sex process. After oral sex we continued with vaginal sex - face to face pose, I was on top, she was lying down on the bed.
Later during act I looked on her vagina and saw that 2/3 part of my penis was uncovered, the upper part(including head) was plugged in her vagina. So my worries are if the condom was fully slipping in her vagina at this moment and then performed unprotected vaginal sex and later the condom rolled back automatically by itself during the intercourse movements or rolled back manually by her fingers (she touched this area multiple times). What are my risks in this scenario? Thank you.
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Oral sex is not a risk. Urethra was covered and that ensured your safety.

You didn't have a risk. Testing wouldn't be necessary.
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