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Slipped condom

After protected vaginal sex with a sex worker...I was tired and taken rest for 2 min didn't ejaculated...
Went to washroom to dispose condom...there I saw condom was hanging in reverse direction attrached to my urthera only probably due to vaccum
Now I was nervous so I asked her to get tested and elisa test for Hiv came negative...
Still worried may be she in window period...so she came negative...
Kindly ***** my risk
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It is difficult to understand what happened here.  If the head of your penis was covered during intercourse, you didn't have a risk for HIV.

If the head of your penis was uncovered during vaginal penetration, you can test at 28 days after the event to be sure of your HIV status.
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Mam....head of penis was covered during penetration....but after intercourse I found condom hanging from tip of penis....
The girl tested negative for Hiv,as I asked her to get tested...
My worry is
1.she may be in window period do test came negative
2.will my penis was fully covered while penetration, how the condom was hanging from tip of penis
Means my penis was fully covered during start of penetration
I want to ask as the girl is Hiv negative...still I need testing
There's no way to determine if she could still be in the window period.  Just get tested at 28 days to know your result for sure.
I want to ask as the girl is Hiv negative...still I need testing
How condom slipped..can you explain...as I am sure it was properly fit while insertion
Please re-read my response.  It is not possible to know if your partner was in the window period or not.  I don't know how the condom slipped.  I am not a condom expert.

There is NOTHING else we can tell you other than to get tested.  No matter how many questions you ask, my response is going to be "get tested to know your status."

This is not an anxiety support forum, so this will be my last post about your event.

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