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Small Cuts Resulted from Removing Fingernail

Dear Doctor:

One day ago, I got small cuts with bleeding on my thumb while I removed fingernail from it. 

Last night, I went Karaoke with several friends ( I knew some of them have more than one sexual partners, I did not know their status of HIV). I shook hands with them. At that time, my cuts looks like no bleeding but with little tissue fluid outflow and the cuts are redness.

Afterwards, I believe I contact several people's hands or body. I am not sure if their hands has cuts with bleeding or not.

If I assume one of them has HIV positive and has cuts on hand with bleeding, here as my questions:

1. Although my cuts are not bleeding, but it is still blowing out tissue fluid. Do I have risk to get HIV Infection by shaking hands with one (his hand is bleeding and his blood contact my cuts)?

2. If I am both bleeding and blowing out tissue fluid, do I have risk to get HIV Infection by shaking hands with one (his hand is bleeding and his blood contact my cuts)?

I know my question looks silly, but I still want to get your comments and make my peace of mind.

Thank you,
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You never had an exposure.

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug abusers
Mother to child
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Thank you for your quick comments, Teak.

I am not quite understand the meaning of "exposure".

Are you saying that even if the guy has cuts on hand with bleeding shook my hand which has cuts resulted by removing fingernail with bleeding (the two people's bleeding cuts may contact), I am still no risk to get HIV infection?

Thank you!
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No risk.
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