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Small lump behind ear

Hi i was told by the doctor in the hiv forum that small 0.5cm lump behind ear would be a symptom for hiv but i have since seen a post from a person who has hiv complaining of a lymph node behind his/her ear?

is it even possible to not have any symptoms then get them like 7 months later?

I am really freaking out about this and think i need testing for my own piece of mind i know my risk appeared completely condom protected but i just need to get a test to prove to myself as its all to coincidental.

What do you guys think is it possible i could of been infected after condom protected sex? didnt notice a brake in the condom?

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if there was a break in the condom, you would have known!..condom break are catastrophic, not small holes invisible to the naked eyes..
therefore,you definitely did not catch hiv with condom protected sex..
try work with your doctor regarding your your swelling..not due to hiv
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HIV is not your problem.
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Thanks i dont even believe it to be swollen its tiny, like 5mm if not smaller, like a small shotty type gland, not even visible to the eye, but i just dont like having it there when you hear all this stuff on the internet it scares the hell outta me, my girlfriend regularly gets swollen glands in her neck and has done for a few years so her condition also puts me at a unearvy level! shes even had one removed!.

So if i didnt notice the condom broken it most certainly did not break! ok i get that so i theoretically have no risk of contracting the disease.

Can you give me a idea of what swollen lymph nodes when caused by hiv would be like please? and the locations

thanks for you time it all helps me  
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You were never at risk of contracting HIV.
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Got my lymph node concerns looked at by the doctor and he said they are perfectly normal and not swollen at all.

Would you agree as experts, the fact that i have had not had any typical hiv symptoms neither did my girlfriend can i safely get closure on my potential exsposure and put it down to stress and anxiety?

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Reread all the replies that you have been given.
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