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Small wound on shaft


I had protected sex but after sex I noticed some very little wound where the shaft ends and the balls begin. It's a point where I can't for sure say, that the condom protected this part of the shaft. The wound was probably caused during sex. Can I get HIV from such a little wound who comes in contact with vaginal fluid?

Thank you for your answers!
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Nope... HIV isn't transmitted that way... It has to happen inside the body..you had no risk
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Thank you for your answer. So you're sure that I don't need to test? Maybe only to calm dowm but medically it would be unnecessary, right?
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Hey malbat, I'm sorry to ask you again, but would the risk change if a small amount of blood came out of the wound? Thank you for your answer
Still not a risk. HIV is unable to infect outside its host. You are not going to be the first one to get HIV through oral sex.
Hello malbar, this will be my last question. Would a bleeding wound on the shaft which had for sure contact with vaginal fluid inside and outside the body, change your opinion about my risk? I'm not sure if the condom covered the wound and after sex I saw a small amount of blood
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The wound was on my shaft and I'm worried if vaginal fluid touch this part and my wound was bleeding a little bit that this could be an expose
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Sorry the reply on the 10th Aug was meant for another post.

If you had a bleeding wound, you won't be having sex. You would be in the ER having your scrotum/shaft sewed. That's the kind of wound that is needed to be even considered as a minimal risk. Physically, I believe its quite impossible to get the base of your penis into a vagina for the " in the body" transmission to take place. Bodily fluids lose their infectiousness once they leave the host.

Now if you're still worried, take a test.

I'm less worried than I was before your reply. Thank you very much :)
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