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Sneezing and coughing incident?

Dr, please can you help me with this incident.

I was sitting on a bus and this guy got on and sat right next to me, so close that there was no space between us. During the journey he was sneezing and coughing. My anxiety was getting more and more as the time went on. When I got home I wet some toilet paper and put it deep into my ear canal and around the outside. I saw what looked like red about the size of 3 periods at the end of a sentence on the toilet paper when I took it out of my ears. I don’t know if this was blood from him when he coughed and sneezed or if it was blood from me or even if it was blood for sure.

Please can you answer my following questions Dr?

1) Was I at risk of HIV from this event?

2) Do I need an HIV test from the event I describe?

Thank you Doctor.
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Please could you all allow the Dr to reply to this as I meant to send it to the Dr and it will not let me delete it or edit it thanks...
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NO and NO.Hiv is not transmitted that way.
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You need to post in the Expert forum (and pay $30) to get an answer from the doctor, but you might want to use the search function to search for answers to similar questions before you decide to spend the money.
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