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Some reassurance

Not a place (forum) i ever thought I would return to. Unfortunately poor judgement has led me back.

My situation. (Apologies for the details but anxiety is quite high)

Went to a massage parlour and recvd a massage from a chinese female. During the massage there was some light touching of her vaginal area on the outside of her underwear and some some light rubbing of her clitoris area. I did not place my fingers inside of her.

Chinese female masseuse gave me a hand job. At one stage she rubbed her clitoris for a few seconds and then continued to complete my hand job.

At the time i had a small abrasion on the side of my penis (couple of days old) from catching some skin in the fly of my jeans. Unknown if she touched this area. At the time this occurred i thought nothing of it as i was extremely mindful of touching her and her of me. I have severe anxiety towards HIV so if i do engage in any activity (and this situation is as adventurous as it gets for me) them i am extremely mindful of my and the females actions.

My concern is since this occurred i have suffered minor symptoms you could argue are HIV related however I engaged with my wife 9 days after this incident (believing there was no risk) and no she has symptoms that are classic ARS and i am going insane with hurt and guilt.

About a week after i engaged with my wife (9 days actually) she was very tired and said her body felt week, had a mild sore throat for a couple of days, generally felt lethargic. Throat was not burning just sore, slight headache, and aching body..said her body felt weak...Now 17 days after i engaged with my wife she has woken up sweating...

I am feeling so low it is unexplainable....I am really struggling. Is there any way I could have contracted the disease through the actions i have mentioned above...There was no oral, no penis/vagina or penis/anus penetration...She masturbated me with possibly some of her secretion on her hand and i rubbed the outside of her underpants..i did feel some wetness but no penetration.

Your advice/opinion would be greatly received.

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No different then the first time you posted. You don't have an HIV concern.
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Thankyou Teak. I have read the expert forums and other literature which all support that the activity i described is no risk...The other symptoms are perhaps coincidence...I appreciate your response. will try to move on but the doubt is still in the back of my mind.
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