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Some useful info on window period (Massachusetts Dpt. of Public Health)

Hopefully this thread of mine won't get removed too.

Anyways... here it goes and I hope it helps.

Go to the Massachusetts DOPH http://www.mass.gov/dph/

Then click on Health Topics A-Z


Click on AIDS


Then HIV/AIDS Bureau


Now click on Services and Resources Guide


Open the resources guide:


And check out under Free Brochures and posters and go to


Click on Catalog of Materials http://www.maclearinghouse.com/CatalogPageFrameSet.htm

And then look for HIV/AIDS and the Blue Brochure called "HIV Counseling and Testing: Options for Anonymous or Confidential Testing in Massachusetts" and open it up.


See what it has to say on page 2 regarding the window period.

"It can take up to 6 weeks for your body to produce enough antibodies to be detected by the test"

By the way, the first page shows how this is sponsored and supported by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health HIV/AIDS Bureau - June 2003.

This for another reliable source.

My best wishes to all and hoping for this info to suit in the best way possible.

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In the US the only conclusive test is 3 months post exposure. Manny if you are indeed from Venezuela, then I suggest you stick to the guidelines and testing procedures of Venezuela and not those of the US.
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In Venezuela, like in any other developing country, they go with the 6 months mark and they even told me I needed testing because I was with a csw of unknown status. Crazy huh?

I'd rather looking for information on any matter in 1st world contries... like yours. :)

On the other hand... are you saying that the Mass DOPH web site has conflicting information?
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BTW, that was a compliment to you and your fellow americans.
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I'm saying that you don't know all the facts to HIV testing when it comes to Mass. Dept. of Health. I have no idea how you can tell the people of the US what our guidelines are when you are not a US citizen nor do you live here. Until the manufactures of the HIV tests ask and get approvals from the FDA to lesson the period required to obtain a conclusive negative test result, then all marketed tests in the US will continue to be conclusive at 3 months for a conclusive negative result.
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I never meant to "trespass" your geographically limited space by giving RELIABLE information from one of YOUR Public Departments.

My question is simple, has the Mass DOPH web site conflicting information?

If your answer doesn't have to do with my question I will not have any longer discussion with you ever on this matter.
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There should never have been a discussion at all by you. Now if you want to reflect how Venezuela operates then that is fine. I'm sure you can advise the people here with your knowledge of how Venezuela health agency deals with HIV and STIs.
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LOL, until the guidelines are changed by the manufacture and the FDA. The guidelines will stay at 3 months. It doesn't matter what Dr. H or Moneyflower or anyone else states.
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damn...this is getting old.  

can ppl NOT understand that it doesn't matter who says what?  the debate is not over which doctor is the smartest...which institution says what...which website has the most information.  

the point is...until the guidelines SET FORTH by the FDA change...3 months is conclusive.  who gives a rat's @ss what ANYONE SAYS as long as this has not changed.
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AND...it doesn't matter what you, i or anyone else thinks they know to be the correct and "latest" information regarding the window period...NOTHING TRUMPS THE FDA'S GUIDELINES...not dr A,B, or C...MASS...nothing changes "until" this changes.
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The Doctors are saying scientifically 6 weeks. BUT and it's a big but - the FDA in the USA, the Health Protection Agency in the UK and other natinal bodies throughout the world state that 3 months is the window period for a conclusive negative. The 6 weeks mentioned does not cover people who have pre-existing reduced immune system or healthy people tested using old assays. It's not safe to gamble on a clinic using a new highly sensitive assay and many clinics even in highly industrialised countries such as USA UK only use 1st generation ELISAs.

By all means take some encouragement fron the 6 week figure BUT until the FDA (USA), Canada Health(?) (Canada), Department of Health /  Health Protection Agency / whatever it's called this week (UK) / the relevant agency in charge over overall licencing for tests in Venezuela or  else change the guideline for their country it remains 3 months in the respective country whether that is 12 weeks, 90 days, 13 weeks, 3 calendar months or whatever.
Whether there is a scientific basis, medical basis, legal basis, ethical basis or any other basis for changing it until it is changed by FDA/HPA/ ... it sticks.
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I think of it like this-there is some encouraging relevance to the whole 6-8 weeks thing in the way that most test (+) @ anywhere between 28 days - 6-8 weeks. I think there maybe only a few who make it right up to the line before seroconversion gets them, but to conclude this based on readings and not go all the way up to the mark when you've had a true risk for contracting is foolish until something official makes it ok.
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