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Someone, please..

A whole lot of people have told me that the guy I recently was seeing/slept with tends to be quite promiscuous, and have a lot of unprotected sex. I only had sex with him once, and I was topping (WITH a condom).. I just can't get it out of my head that it broke and I didn't know. I have been told before that I would know. But HOW would I know?
And what if the condom was too loose, could that have made a difference? As far as I know, I was still wearing it when I pulled out, and then I checked it as best I could..
Some advice would really help.. please..
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How would you know...well you look down and see your penis. When you take the condom off the only why it comes off is at the base/ring as the rest of it is destroyed.
You did not have a risk.
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So always, no matter what, I would know if it had broke when I took it off?
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Thank you for your answers. So I don't need to get tested? And I dont need to fill condoms with water after using them to make sure they didnt break? Alot of people have been saying this, but I want to know that I can not do it but still be safe.
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No and no.
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If there were semen inside the condom, is it also safe to assume that it didnt break since it wasn't inside my partner?
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