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Someone please help me ! am I infected

Hi everyone !

Had sex with an Asian Escort...she put condom on me & also applied KY jelly in her vagina...penetration for 1-2 mins..she asked me to come out of her...then she saw me getting limp (i was drunk)...she took condom off and gave me a hand job..i am worried...that when she took condom off her hands came in contact with her vaginal fluids that were on the condom..and she touched my penis head with those hands...also she spit on my penis a couple of times..

this happned 21 days ago...took 2 orasure test

16 days post exposure -ve
20 days post exposure -ve

I am really beating my self up and worried sick !..can't focus on job or anything.

I wud like to point out..she never allowed me to kiss her...after sex i asked her if she was clean...she said she was and told reminded me that she did not even allow me to kiss her..and she told me, "if u think ur scared...i am more scared coz i do this everyday"...u think she meant all that...i mean was she really clean...i called her escort agency many times to ask if the grils get tested for HIV...and the lady told me ofcourse they have to protect themselves too....do u guys think this is true...i mean what % of escorts in the US have HIV...i am really freaking out....please someone help me....am I infected ??

I will be very thankful for any help form you guys !

do u think i am at risk with her hands (that may have her vaginal fluids) touching my penis head
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Dude... try to chill.  You are HIV -, 1/1 million risk of being infected.
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But, do you think the escort was HIV -....i mean she was very carful in what she did...i mean she did not allow me to kiss her...and she told me she ALWAYS uses a condom...do u think that could be true...also can i get hiv if she touched the vaignal fluid on the condom and then touched my penis....I don't know much about all this and I am freaking out here....I am sorry if  I am being silly
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I was pretty much in the same situation as you are. Asian escort. Used a condom and everything and got sick after wards. Still have symptoms that are so like HIV but keep testing negative. It is true she took of the condom and gave you a hand job. But did she wiped her hand after wards? If you didn't have any kind of symptoms you are probably OK. Because most people have some kind of symptoms. But I tell you these Asian escort people what ever they tell you is all a lye I would not trust them, because they bring those girls illegally here for 2-3 weeks on student visas anyway. From what I herd these girls go from Thailand > Tokyo > LA > NY > Europe and back to their country so there is no way for them really to know if a person has an acute HIV infection or not unless she has like a rash, or mouth soars etc, something visible. Of course for their business sake they want to avoid the bad reputation but still I know I made a huge mistake.
I really think you are OK because it does not sound like you have symptoms. But test in another month just to be sure.
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See...that's what I don't know...if she wiped her hands or not...although I am sure she had a paper towel with her...and it was on the bed and when she removed the condom she kept it on the paper towel I guess...but i am 100 % sure she had the paper towel....what do u think are her chances of being infected ?
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I don't to be honest what is the chance of an escort getting infected. They are high risk. Because they can have anywhere from 1 to 4 guys a day. And multiply by a week then month, etc. And these Asian escorts since it is all mafia operated they run those girls to the ground I hear. Which makes me even feel more terrified.

In your situation if you are 100% sure she had a paper towel. I would say you have nothing to worry about. HIV cannot survive long in open air environment. If you want get any symptoms that may suggest HIV infection. I would say don't even worry about it or testing. Or just go and get a rapid HIV test after 6 weeks if you will be incautious. But again from what I have being told again and again the only way to say for sure  +/- is to test.
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You guys...hand to genital contact is NEVER EVER a documented case of HIV or any STD transfer.. it has never been documented..whether she did use a paper towel or not!  You guys need to read up a bit on the archives here on this site, on thebody.com, www.cdc.gov/std, etc.!  Seriously, if getting HIV from a woman to a man is one in two thousand attempts and from a man to a woman is one in one thousand attempts, what makes you think that you can get HIV through hand to genital contact??

See this link:  http://ww2.aegis.org/pubs/mmwr/2005/r402a1t1.gif

Even if she had her own HIV infected blood rubbed on your penis, with an open lesion/wound on your penis, it's still..NOT and effective route for transmission!  Honest..this is what Dr. H has said..Search the archives for HIV transmission, HIV testing, ARS symptoms, and more!!

And symptoms are never ever ever ever ever ever a sign of HIV infection. Only test results are..PCR or DNA testing is NOT as accurate as HIV Elisa Antibody test done once at between 6-8 weeks (according to CDC, once at 3 months).

Comawwn..put things in perspective.  Even if she was from Asia or whatever, those girls have to be more careful and I'm sure they get tested on a consistent enough basis.  HIV-2 is nonexistent here btw, in case you are wondering. If you tested positive for it, you'd be the first person to have it in the West.

Good luck!!

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If you don't know the answer to something, don't answer. Yes there have been cases of HIV2 found in the US.
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