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Sore lymph nodes

The lymph node on my left side of my neck was very sore. This was the end result of a cold I had for approximately 3 days. The cold cleared. The congestion hung around. I was just recently given prednisone to help with that and it's clearing up great.
Let me also say it wasn't swollen. Just sore. That lasted for about a month and cleared up. No I've noticed a few of the others in my neck area are sore but again not swollen. What's going on? I did a rapid hiv test (the salvation one) it came back negative.
My doctor isn't worried. Well dang it... I am! Lol.
I have no other symptoms. I have one sex partner. And because he and I broke up 4 months ago I haven't had sex since. I'm just clueless about the sore nodes.
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Well, as long as your test was 3 months past your last exposure, whatever you're feeling isn't HIV
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Lymph nodes swell for millions of reasons. Also per Dr Hook and Handsfield, HIV Nodes are usually painless
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Thanks guys....
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