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Sound like HIV rash?

  What does an acute HIV rash look like?  I have these red spots on mostly my legs and ankles and only randomly on my arms, not really my stomach.  They tend to itch.  I don't know if it can be associated with ARS or not.  I don't really have any others symptoms such as fever or fatigue, just this rash thing.  I don't want to mistaken it for Posion Ivy or poison oak if it is really something more serious.  Can anyone help?

ps...the only person I have unprotected sex with is my boyfriend, and he was tested 2 months and 3 and a half months after an unprotected exposure. What could these red spots be?
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ARS, rashes don't itch. See your doctor to find out what your rashes are.
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Ok, I will go to the doc.  I actually heard they can itch, but rarely.  Just wondering, if they were associated with ARS, would they be around my legs or mostly on my chest?  They are dark red, scabby looking.  

On rashes associated with ARS, would the lesions have a clear secretion fluid coming out of them?
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See your doctor.
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i have red dot on arm and leg too
see your doctor and tell me what he said plz
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