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I think the body and Dr.Frascino information is more accurate. Check out thebody.com to get some real answers and here is a link on explaining statistics on how hiv is being trasmitted, it can happen only after 1 exposure of unprotected.
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If that's what you think, why are you on here?
Dr. Bob is very good, but causes unnecessary panic by stating that you should test three months after receiving an unprotected blowjob!
Also, your question will always be answered here, minutes after it's been asked.
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im on here for those who wants to understand how to read the statistic from someone who can explain it better, and understand the statisitc better and calculate ur risk, and yes u can get answers here in a few minutes but noone on here seems to understand or interpret the statistics correctly!!!Not trying to scare everyone but everyone needs accurate information so they can decide how risky they exposures are.
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Go there and stay there then....please.  

I agree 100% with dobber.  Dr. Bob causes unnecessary fear imo....but he is hiv positive and if you follow boards moderated by people with hiv the answers are all pretty much the same.

for 2 reasons:

1. they do not want to see anyone go through what they are going through.  Respectable.

2. they are covering their ass.  they do not want to give out worng info to someone who may have lied, or not told the whole story and then have these same people come back and ask them wtf?  this is the net and they can only assess based on what people tell them.

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I completely agree with dobber21, Yes Dr. HHH has a different perception about HIV and he has clarified the reason "WHY" in the past

This post was just not required

Damn ! I can't find the link...I'll paste it here as soon as I find it
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So, do your think that Dr. HHH's calculations are wrong!!? Dr. Bob himself says that those are not "his statistics", but CDC's. And everybody here knows that CDC tends to have a more conservator approach. He explains this really well here: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/HIV/messages/932.html
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188761 tn?1559713227
Wow !!!

You're quick, lady !

Keep up the good work :)
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dr bob, and dr hhh both give very accurate risk assesment/analyses both by experience and research. the differrence is dr.bob stands by cdc 3mos definitive and conclusive even for bjs.and dr hhh, stands by his 6-8 wks window.
especially for low risk situation.
you are telling people to go there, go there there grass is greener. well that is not so. i dont agree. dr bob knows his stuff, proffesional and personal experience, himself diagnosed with hiv, i would say he has an enormous wealth of knowledge and gives good advice.
what path you choose is totally up to you. i hope when you are an intern or resident or have your practice, that you dont only look at one set of data in diagnosing your pts. you have to look the big picture and be stuck in tunnel vision.
what do i gather from all these web sites? seroconversion 2-4 wks, time to test pos 4-6 wks, cdc definitive results @ 12-13 wks, if sexually active with more than one partner, test once a yr. oral sex very to no risk, mtf ,ftm low risk
msm top low to high,bottom high risk, iv drug user, very high risk.
thats just me.
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What do you think of this: http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/SafeSex/Archive/Symptoms/Q173095.html
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I don't see where it was explained well at all, except, the difference in what Dr. Bob does (treats patients) and Dr. HHH (juggles numbers). I know of several people that contracted HIV on their first exposure and I also know people that have unprotected sex with known HIV+ people that have never been infected. Playing the ODDS game vers. the Statistics are never as reliable as taking the test and receiving your results. You don't play odds with HIV nor would you do it with a revolver.
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well said. i agree with you.
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I will try explain this the best way I can. English isn't my first language, so it is a little bit harder. I don't think anybody should gamble with his or her own life. I was just trying to show the different opinions at different between Dr. HHH and Dr. Bob.  I greatly respect both of them.
I believe that the 3 month test for high risk situations needs to be done. Both Dr. Bob and Dr. HHH think the same, too. For situations where there is basically no risk, but the person can't let go, Dr. HHH often suggests a 4-6 test as being pretty much conclusive. Who am I to say that Dr. HHH is wrong? The man has years of experience and research. I don't.
I don't think you should say that I'm gambling or telling people to gamble with their lifes when you don't even know my opinion. I'm sorry if I'm being to harsh. I just felt a little hurt with such judgment.
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