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Std's through wet underwear?

I was with a girl. She was NOT a prostitute. We did not kiss, or have sexual intercourse. There was no vaginal to mouth contact or penis to mouth contact. The only thing i am worrieed because is that the tip of my penis touched her wet underwear for about 5 seconds or less. Her underwear was wet with vaginal fluid. maybe her vaginal fluid entered inside my penis when the tip of my penis touched her underwear? Can anyone please tell me if maybe i would have gotten hiv/aids, or herpes, or chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphillis or any other std, or any form of hepatitiis, and what are the chances of getting it this way?. Please let me know
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I would not worry about this! Your risk is extremely low on contracting anything.  If you are having anxiety wait a while and get tested to put your mind at ease.  I wouldn't lose sleep over it though. Good luck to you!
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No HIV risk
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