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Still having issues

OK.  So I have officially entered looneyville.  I had a negative test at just over 10 weeks.  However for the last two months, yes that's two months, I have had ear pain and nasal swelling.  I have been diagnosed with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Rhinitis.  Was prescribed Flonase which has done nothing after using it religiously for about a month.  I still have twitching around my eyes as well.  I also have intermittent diarhhea (Yeah I'm a whole lotta fun at the moment).

Due to excessive drinking I'm not sure what my risk was but I'm positive it was definitely a risky encounter.  Because I didn't remember the evening I paid no attention to it and proceeded stupidly to have unprotected sex with my wife.  A few weeks later she had text book ars symptoms which I learned about through Dr. Google (I Know I know symptoms mean nothing).  

Do my continuing symptoms have any legitamacy in any of your opinions?  I mean I've never had anything like this, cliche I know, but this ETD is really unsettling.  My doctor says I shouldn't worry about it unless I start showing signs of infection.  Could this ongoing ETD be evidence of HIV complications?  Not ARS mind you but actual HIV issues.  Could my 10 week negative have been false because I haven't developed anti-bodies and that in turn is why I'm experiencing HIV complications earlier than most people would?

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

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Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV
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