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Strange Symptoms

I tested negative at 10 weeks and am getting retested at 12 weeks.  But my arms from the shoulder to my hands feel tight and swollen.  The veins in my arms are bulging out more than before.  Also, I seem to have developed more varicose veins on my thighs and legs.  Are these signs of exposure?  Extremely worried.
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i know what your going through i had all the acute symptoms 3 weeks after my exposure i just tested at 8 weeks and it was negative i have also been getting muscle aches in my legs and my forearm seems to feel like my vein is popping out i think your ok though 10 weeks should be pretty conclusive
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your symptoms are not indicative of hiv.  

i dont think there has ever been a 10 week negative turn positive...but according to guidelines...a three month test is conclusive.

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Thanks, good to hear that my symptoms aren't related to hiv.   I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes...never had any vaginal sores - married 15 years/unhappily.  Apparently, my husband knew and assumed that I knew as well.  What brought all this out was that I had an affair with a man which I knew and we had unprotected sex.  Well I guess the stress from cheating along with everything else caused me to have an outbreak (still no sores) which I never had.  Mind you I have 2 children which I delivered vaginally and thank God they are fine.  Anyway, my OBGYN tested me at 5 1/2 weeks after exposure for all STDs along with HIV, HSV 1 & 2 , Hep B - all came back negative except for the HSV 2.  This outbreak was so bad that it affected the right side of my face, eye, ear..very hot and developed an ear infection; right side of lower lip twitched on and off for 2 -3 days-Bell's Palsy.  Any how have been really scared.  The man I had the affair with went to his doctor to get tested for HSV2 along with STDs.  Well, they tested him for STDs except for herpes!!  Now, I'm worrying that they didn't test him for HIV but can't seem to ask him the question.  He did tested negative 4 months after his last relationship.  Mind you he is not a promiscuous person.  When testing for STDs is the HIV standard??  Thanks for listening.
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