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Strange situation

Hello everyone, I'm not sexually active at all
And when I do I always use protection,
Any way 2 days ago I was in dubai and I meet a girl and a boy we went to the hotel room, me and her kissed each other , she gave me unprotected blowjob, then I wore my condom after the boy had sex with her and I tried to penetrate and I couldn't (not sure if I went inside or not) because I was not fully erect anyway the condom was slipped to the half and I was rubbing her vigaina and holding my penis and the condom to make sure it's doesn't fully slipped,,
So do I need any testing?
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Honestly I'm not worried about her at all , I'm worried about the man can he infect her and when she gave me blowjob she infected me?
Or in the rubbing (trying to penetrate) while Iam holding the condom to not slipp,
It's a strange situation and I can use all the help
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It sounds like nothing you did put you at risk. Using a condom prevents the spread of HIV. Oral sex does not result in HIV. Kissing does not result in HIV. Nothing here causes concern.
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate your help I will test for PCR (NAT) for only peace of mind, without test I don't think I will move on
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You don't need a PCR. I urge you to read the response offered to you by Chima7 carefully. She has clearly stated, you were never at risk.

Please see a therapist for your obsession. HIV is not your problem.
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