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Stripper incident - Risk assessment

Unfortunately I am still struggling to move on from a recent episode on 1st June. To confirm I attended a strip club where I engaged in Deep French kissing (my concern here is that I had a small sore in my mouth) probably from biting my own cheek. Is there any STD/HIV to be concerned about? She did have a pierced tongue but I didn’t feel any blood during our saliva exchanges.

Secondly I did a lot of breast sucking (I assume no risk at all) unless she was lactating which I highly doubt.

Thirdly although I didn’t perform oral sex I did kiss around the pubic area. Here what STD’s should I be concerned about? This was some touching of the vagina area but I realise fingering has zero risk (there are no cuts/sores on my fingers)

Is someone able to address each point separately and advise if you think there is any need to do some testing and what period I.e. after how many days?

These questions have mainly come since I have had a sore throat over the last few days as well as generally feeling unwell (I am trying to put this down to my anxiety/irrational thinking) however I am struggling to think of anything else

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No risk for HIV whatsoever. Testing wouldn't be necessary.

Kissing even with presence of blood or any other infected fluid is not a risk. Ingesting infected fluid is not a scope for HIV transmission.

Even if she was lactating there wouldn't have been a risk for you, that risk is only for infants due to their under-developed mucosal lining of their mouth and stomach. Also, that risk is calculated to be at 16%, which offcourse is a miniscule risk.

This forum is specific to HIV prevention and you don't have any concern that needs to be here. For other STIs please post in the relevant forum of this website.
Thanks Mike appreciate your fast response here.
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You have a post from 2008 here but nothing since then until this.  Is that the last time you posted here?  That is a really long time to worry over non risk events.  I'm glad you received the information from people here that you had no risk for HIV.  
Hi GuitarRox unfortunately I’ve had many incidents since then but this is the first time I have posted.  My irrational thoughts always seem to get the better of me. Not just HIV but all STD’s
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