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Stripper incident repeated again - HIV concern?

A year after a similar incident I am back in the same place again and worrying excessively. I visited a strip club roughly 48 hours ago and met the same stripper as last time.

The usual Deep french kissing took place and some kissing around the Pubic area - no oral sex was given (I did notice some warts around the bum area so stayed away from there).

She briefly fingered herself and took my Penis out for a few seconds and put it back in my pants.

Main concern is whether I have exposed myself to anything here based on the above events.
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You keep asking the same questions about non risk incidents for years. This really isn't an HIV issue at this point but rather a severely debilitating health anxiety issue. Since this is not an anxiety forum, we're unable to help you overcome your problem. Your only clear next step is to seek out offline counseling to help you overcome this issue. That's truly the only way you'll be able to move on and appropriately deal with these irrational thoughts that you keep having.
Thank you for your comments Chima7. Yes you are right it is a severe form of anxiety which is probably mixed with guilt (as I have a family).
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So that you don't have to ask this question again, the only activities that could put you at risk for HIV are:

1) unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles.

The end.  Nothing else you can think of is a risk for HIV.
Thank you for the high level summary CurfewX. Any time i get ANY symptom which occurs after any incident which I perceive to be risky this always seems to be my natural reaction (which is to self diagnosis myself and inspect my body for any changes). I just need to manage this far better and seek counselling
I think you need to internalize that it is just you that feels your activity is risky.  The fact is, it is not risky for transmission of HIV.  CurfewX has stated how people actually get HIV. Your activity is not even close to that, right?  So, then we have to say that you are tied up in your own anxiety.  That is treatable.  And furthermore, one thing that is possible is to know your triggers.  If this activity is a trigger, eliminating it may help you. But seek some help with anxiety to overcome this in general and life could be much easier for you emotionally.
Hi GuitarRox.
Appreciate your feedback and taking the time out to respond. I guess because I have a family I am punishing myself  internally for my own actions. Yes you are right it’s about knowing what are the triggers and then being able to deal with them. Will follow up with external help as clearly I need it.
Good.  See a therapist for help. Hoping for the best for you to overcome anxiety for your sake and your families.
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