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Such short lasting ARS?

Hi, vaginal and anal insert I've unprotected intercourse.After 4 weeks, fever showed up to 38.5/38.8.
It was over in exactly 48 hours, leaving me with bad cough and consequently a bit sore throat.
Is it possible from your knowledge , waiting for the deadline for testing, that a fever due to ARS can Last 2 days only, and that other symptom still here once fever is gone?
Thank you so much for helping.
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No, it would not last only 2 days, and you would have been very ill - not like what you described, which sounds like a common virus.
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I had bad flu, but fever went down with paracetamol.
After 48 hours no more fever and I gave up with paracetamol but temperature stayed normal.
Still coughing quite a lot.
Not other symptoms.
I read symptoms normally last 1-2 weeks, but many times they say few days to 4 weeks ....
Thank you
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Symptoms are not a good way to diagnose HIV as many people don't show any of them at all. If you had an encounter, the only accurate way to check if it resulted in an infection will be testing. Go for a duo/com ag/ab test 28 days after the exposure. The result will be accurate.

All the best.
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Thank you
Of course I’ll take the test, but I have to wait a bit more for the deadline, so I was wondering if ars  fever could come and go in 2 days, leaving other symptoms ( in my case a bad cough ), because I knew symptoms ( if any ) come and go all together
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38.5/38.8 C is not ARS fever,  it's normal body temperature that varies during the day, it's your own diagnosis of constantly monitoring your own body.  Symptoms do not mean any thing.  If you think you have exposed yourself to HIV, you need to test at 4 weeks with a IV Gen HIV test or alternatively, at 6 week with any standard antibody test for a conclusive.
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I thought it was quite clear I’m asking bout symptoms while waiting for the deadline to get the test.
Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV. The 2 things a doctor uses to determine HIV infection is risk factor and test results. That's why you won't find anyone online or otherwise commenting on symptoms. They're irrelevant.
I’m sorry, but I don’t get the meaning of these answers.
With all due respect but:
1)IF IF IF Ars occurs with symptoms, fever is the most common.
2)IF ars occurs with symptoms normally they are more than one and come all together.
3)IF ars occurs with symptoms they normally last few days to 2/3 weeks

These points  are clearly stated almost everywhere.

Since I  had bad fever for 2 days, I was wondering if this fever could be determined by ars.

I never said that symptoms are important to predict your status, and I don’t understand why I keep on receiving answers saying that test is the way.

My question was only about this short illness, not about anything else
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I am going to reiterate, 100.4 F (38 C) to 101.8 F (38.8 C) doesn't indicate emergency, it is not a 'bad fever' if it goes away by consuming paracetamol since it may not need treatment. High Fever is 102°F (38.9°C) or above which could be considered an emergency because it could lead to dehydration and may be a sign of infection.

You are not listening to any advice offered to you,  Symptoms do not mean any thing, rephrasing the same question in different manner would not seek you any different answer.

In the last decade of this forum's existence, we must have seen at least a 1000+ people complaining about all the symptoms that book reads however at the end they've been running around with all the whoo-hoos!

No one can diagnose you online or otherwise, only testing can tell.  

What was your exposure details?

People have sex all the time, not every unprotected act of sex means HIV contraction, What brings you to the conclusion of acquiring HIV from this unprotected incident?  

If you are so anxious, why don't you go test your partner?

When was your exposure?

Give us details for a fair assessment, no one can discuss your situation with half information you have provided.

Once again, the fact of the matter remains intact here, If you think you have exposed yourself to HIV, you need to test at 4 weeks with a IV Gen HIV test or alternatively, at 6 week with any standard antibody test for a conclusive.
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mike his first sentence was "vaginal and anal insert I've unprotected intercourse" so i think he meant that he didn't use a condom. Hopefully he clarifies that.
"People have sex all the time, not every unprotected act of sex means HIV contraction..."

Agreed. However,  I feel if he gives us more information, we could help him. Therefore, I asked for more details.

I’m sorry.
It was NO CONDOM vaginal and anal active with sex worker.
It was in the first line.
I’m not asking about symptoms in general.
I know it’s pointless and I’m going for test.
I was just wondering if this flu could be Ars or not.
I never said I’m convinced of having hiv
I'm not anxious ( or maybe a bit )
I know I had a risk
Nevertheless I thought I had the right to post a question about this 2 days flu.
I was mistaken.
Thank you for advices given anyway
Now you're talking, this probably was not ARS. If you were going through ARS fever, you would have been in a ER. Sex workers are very careful about their own health, as far as my knowledge goes - Safe sex and testing every couple of month is an integral part of life. I am not sure how did they agree to have unprotected sex with you though.  The likelihood of you testing negative from this incidence is phenomenally high as FTM transmission is relatively difficult.  

Good luck.
Thank you.
My question was really made because I feel it could be useful to know that ars flu should be higher and should last for more than 2 days.

Thank you once more
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