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Sucking breast milk with bleeding/receding gums

Since last 20 years i never visited any girls. but, before 10 days i went to one Filipina girl in dubai and had a hand job. I did not do any penetrative sex (Vaginal/Anal/Oral). During the hand job, by mistake i suck her nipples for 20-30 seconds. During the sucking i did not feel any any fluid or milk from her nipples, but i am not sure & not confident. In the worst case scenario, i m assuming that, if by chance i had ingested 1 or 2 drops of milk to my mouth & it had entered to my bleeding gums, i have very poor dental health, receding & bleeding gums while brushing. Since 10 days i have very severe anxiety, also i have ocd since last 20 years. What are the chances of getting infected from hiv virus from Breast milk to bleeding gums. I have read that, bleeding gums are risky. I had stopped sex with my wife & i am afraid to go for test also. Plz help me. I am unable to sleep since last 10 days. What shud i do. In meldhelp forum it is said, saliva has protein & enzymes which kills the virus before it enters the bleeding gum point, is it true. Also Adults dont get infected from breast milk irrespective of Gum disease/cut/sore. Also u have to ingest more milk from mouth to bleeding gum to be infected. My only worry is about bleeding & receding gums. What if the breast milk might have entered through the bleeding gums.Plz help me.
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Hi anxiety can be a powerful thing. But you had no risk. If you remain worried please get tested for your peace of mind.
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You mean the breast milk entering to the bleeding/receding gums is no risk.
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Take note that no ADULT has acquired HIV by your exposure. Im sure you will not be the first. If you remain worried get tested for your own peace of mind.
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You had no risk
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No risk, forget about this event as it never happened and move on.
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Thanks everyone for your reply, I am very grateful to you all for taking out your time & answering the query.

One doubt is coming in my mind due to my ocd (obsessive) nature, Eventhough I did not taste any thing from her nipple nor did i see any cut on her nipple. In worst case scenario, What if their is some cut on her nipple, which i was not able to see & instead of breast milk i would have lick some blood (when i was licking & sucking her boobs for 20 seconds) & what if that blood went to my bleeding gums. This question is bothering too much and making me more anxious & panicky.

Hope any experts would able to remove my doubts.

You all are doing good work & god bless u all.

Thanks for helping me to calm my anxiety.
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No risk! Just move on
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Dear Members, I got lip blister (boil on my lips) 2 times in a month, which got cured itself within a week. I am very afraid. Can somebody plz help me remove my doubt about hiv.
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"Can somebody plz help me remove my doubt about hiv. "
I doubt it based on the replies all ready given.
Go get an antibody test that will be conclusive at this time.
Then trust the negative result. Don't be afraid to test and not go, it is your responsibility. Then you can move on.
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I work in Gulf, where testing is not possible. This anxiety is killing me. I am very afraid & Sleepless. How can i trust myself. I have been getting the sores or boil before also on the lips (4-5 times) before the exposure. I was never bothered and had dismissed it due to stress and anxiety. But now i am fearing. I dont' have guts to go for testing. What to do I dont know.
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