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Sucking on nipples and vaginal fluid taste

Hello All,
Is there any risk of HIV infection with regards to sucking on a womans nipples and vaginal fluid taste? There was no unusual tastes or discharge from her nipples. Additionally, I rubbed her vagina with palm of my hand and then washed off with wate, but must have brushed my lips and had a minor taste of same fluids. This person was a sex worker. No sexual intercourse at all.

Thanks and kind regards.... Andy1406
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Hey there. Nope, there is absolutely NO risk of contracting HIV from what you have described. The ONLY way to get HIV is through unprotected anal or vaginal sex, sharing IV drug works, or from mother to baby. Sucking/fingering/masturbation/oral sex is NOT a risk. Please rest assured you haven't placed yourself at risk and do not worry anymore! Saliva has dozens of enzymes in it that kill HIV and make it incapable of causing infection. No risk! No need to test!
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Thanks for your detailed comments, much appreciated. My anxiety is possibly fuelled by my disappointment in myself.

Kind Regards, Andy
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I'm back for a comment please. My anxiety continues to rise. I've had a few blood tests at near 3 weeks for std's and general on a pre HIV and Hep, all came back negative and no further action. But I've developed a strange but mild sore throat feeling that seems to come and go, plus I'm hot, without sweats. Its been near 4 weeks since my foolish incident.

This is all possibly just anxiety, but its really tormenting me.... I'm still worried that touching this sex worker and feeling her moist vaginal fluids in my hand, and sucking her nipples and having a minor taste of her in my mouth was a risk.

Kind Regards
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Take it to the HIV Anxiety Support Group. You had no risk of contracting HIV.
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Thanks indeed for your comments.

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Thankyoy and regards for your comments some months ago, I have tested negative at near 13 weeks and received my negative result on the day of the 13th week after my foolish ordeal.
Please keep up your encouraging work supporting others.

Kind regards

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Dear Teak,
Thanks and regards to you too for your tireless efforts towards assisting others with questions etc.
Just writing to advise I tested negative a near 13weeks.

Kind regards, your work is fantastic.

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