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Swollen Lymph Nodes and Low Grade Fever ... how likely is it ARS?

I have had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral (both ways) on day 1, and 3 with 2 different escorts. On Day 2 I was quite drunk, and I think I had protected vaginal sex but am not 100% sure. Also had unprotected blow job and cunnilingus.

On day 7 I developed chills, had tylenol, fever subsided. I had tylenol (650mg) for a couple of days more and the fever was in control. After that I have had off and on low grade fever.

I am having frequent urination mostly at night, but also during the day.  

On Day 17 I noticed a swollen painless lymph node in neck, size of a pea. On Day 19 l. I discover a tiny lump on the other sise of the neck, and on Day 23, I felt another tiny node on the neck.

Some night sweats, but not severe. I felt slightly uncomfortable in my throat for a few days,  but no severe sore throat.
No genital sores or discharge
No coughing.
Had a bit of diarrhea ... but it went away after one or two bowel movement. Normal now

I am on cholesterol meds and take 1000 metformin

Its Day 24, still have those swollen lymph nodes and occasional low grade fever.

Am terrified of knowing the truth. How likely are these symptoms and circumstances related to ARS?
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Extraordinarily unlikely to be related to HIV. Timing is all wrong, symptoms either ALL manifest, or none at all, and you haven't had ALL symptoms.  Day 7 symptoms are way too early, as well.  Some of the stuff you mention has nothing to do with HIV at all.  

You almost certainly did not have unprotected intercourse without knowing you did.  If you were too inebriated to remember, it's not likely that you were capable of having intercourse.  The oral and protected vaginal are not risks for HIV.

If you are concerned, simply take a 4th or 5th generation test at 28 days post-event to know for certain.  
The escort isn't interested in sex, just your money, so if you were that drunk she would just take your money from your wallet and leave. So, test if you want, but don't bother worrying while you wait because it isn't likely that anything happened with 2.
Thank you CurfewX.

Today is Day 28. My low grade fever is intermittent.  It's still there,  but it comes and goes. Feel the need to pee quite frequently. My lymph node in the neck is still swollen, but it has subsided a little.

Thank you for your assurance; but with ARS, how likely is it to have symptoms like mine? As you can tell, am still scared to take the test.
Thank you AnxiousNoMore. That assurance helps.

I remember having intense unprotected oral sex with #2. But could my symptoms be an indication of something other than ARS?
What is your temp that you feel it is "low grade fever?"  If a lymph issue even exists, it can only be diagnosed by a doctor so you shouldn't be worrying that you diagnosed a problem.

Since it's day 28 why don't you test and if you have a negative result but still feel there is a problem see doc, but a negative test means you don't have hiv. This is just an hiv prevention forum and no one can diagnose from here.
Thank you AnxiousNoMore.

When I say "low grade" its 99 in ear with mild chills.
According to your timeline, you can test any time now for your conclusive result.   It will be negative since the likelihood of having unprotected sex without realizing it is almost nil.
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Im only a CphT but with all the sickness going on have you considered Mono? Its called the kissing disease for a reason.
I am 49 year old male. Does mono happen at this age?
Mono can happen at any age! My mom got it at the age of 68!
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