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Swollen lymph nodes

I have a few questions.

1. I have a throbbing, pulsing sensation where my neck nodes are located (its not my pulse), its not extreme pain but its pretty uncomfortable, the nodes are barely visible unless I tilt my head and stretch the skin, but they are definitely more swollen than usual, I can feel they are more swollen when I feel around. I have NEVER had swollen nodes before in my life that I know of. I have no other symptoms except slight malaise (especially during night) and constant headaches throughout the day when I'm inside. I had flu a month ago which included night sweats (which I've NEVER had before). I've read that if your nodes are experiancing any kind of pain you should see a doctor immidiently, could it be connected to HIV? what do you think?
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woops meant only one question.
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I should also mention they are not painful or throbbing when I poke or push them, just on there own.
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You don't have an HIV concern, you've never had a risk of contracting HIV.
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