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Symptoms Rash sores hiv test

Condom broke.. So it was unprotected insertive anal to a shemale.

3 weeks chest rash and sores to mouth.

Rash for 3 days.

Mouth sores happen ,every week since then i notice one that disappear in two days.

37,5 days i.e 5week and 3days...means 2weeks after symptoms..
I took a
Rapid blood test , u know with hole to finger to collect blood,and the result in 5minutes was one red line..

It was negative.

BUT I READ ON THE NET NOT CONCLUSIVE TILL 3MONTHS OR 2MONTHS. But if it was hiv related so doesnt that mean that after 2weeks i would have detectable antibidies?

AM I INFECTED?? No fever..no sore throat
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You had a risk.  The risk is lower for the insertive partner, but still a risk.  Take a DUO test at 28 days.
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But please could u plz read again my info?

1.I had no fever and sore throat along the rash!
2.I did test,not duo but blood testing, at 38days NEGATIVE.

Is it possible not to be hiv since i didnt experience fatigue or fever or sore throat or muscle/joint pain ADDING THE NEGATIVE AB TEST AT 38 DAYS??

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You can not use symptoms to self-diagnose yourself with HIV. HIV symptoms can match a number of other illnesses, and if yours were related to HIV, you would have tested positive.  Test again at 3 months to confirm your negative staus.
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