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Symptoms after 4 weeks

Hello Doctor, I'm 37 yrs old, I had two relatively protected exposures in 13july with two sex workers, first time it was oral with condom & then vaginal sex with same condom, I believe the condom was not broken. Then second with again oral with condom, this time I changed 3 condoms before going for vaginal with 4th condom on which also she performed oral for some time, I checked after the sex the condom was not broken. Now after this from the first week onwards it self I had cold & cough which resolved in around 10 days. Then I had done testing after 20 days (1st Aug) of last exposure with Tridot technique which was negative, then after 30 days I started pain in my armpit with a little lump on upper side of my right nipple, the lump was gone in 3-4 days but the pain in armpit is still occurs in between with some tenderness at some places in armpit but not always, I thought its lymph nodes but I cannot feel them when I check everyday. .during this period my cough came back, & after 6 weeks my throat started hurting, with a pain at various points in neck, also back side of neck, I checked again after 49 days of last exposure with tridot method which is again negative. I shown my throat to doctor & he said its red & he gave me medicine for the same. Now after 7 weeks I started fleeting pain in my groin on the upper side, I think it's lymph nodes but I cannot feel them. I have feeling of malaise, little body ache. Today morning I woke up early morning & had to go for toilet, I had loose stool. I lost around 2kg wait in last two months. I didn't had fever in this period when I checked my fever was between 97.3 to 98.6 I'm diabetic, is it that I'm seroconverting late & have risk still. I am going through sever fatigue now in the 8th week, with fleeting pain in my lymph nodes with really bad throat not cured by medicine now for 4 days. For last two days I'm having night sweats & yesterday in night I had sever pain in my pubic area right side, I checked in night no lump & bump, also next day I check there is no pain in that area neither any lump. My biggest problem now, I had unprotected sex with my wife & she had flu like SYMPOTOMS exactly after 3 weeks, she had fever for 3-4 days & very heavy body pain after that for 8-9 days. I also had night sweats  on alternate night, now.
now I doubt about condom break & tri-dot test. Please help me in the situation
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symptoms of something else. not hiv. i tell you what - stress can do all sorts of weird stuff to your body...you would not believe.
no risk from protected sex as per Vance
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You had no risk from protected sex.
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Thanks Vance! What about the armpit & throat symptoms, I'm still having them in 9th week. Is the tri-dot test conclusive at 49 days
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Thanks! I'm bit relaxed now, I've a question is it possible to have symptoms after 6 weeks?
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How when you had no risk?
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stress is doing this to you. it's worth considering curtailing any sexual activity with sex workers if this unnecessary stress is the result. hardly worth it, is it? anyway, just to reiterate, you had had no risk.
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Thanks! I think I'm stressed with the thought of getting infected. This interaction is soothing me down. I will never do it in my life again. Is the severe fatigue, bad throat , pain in neck & body is caused by the stress. I'm currently facing these symptoms, the throat is not cured for around 20 days.
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I had a done tri-dot test now on 63rd day of my last exposure which came negative. I'm at much more
Currently I'm still having the neck, armpit & public are & groin fleeting pain, the pubic area pain is bothering me lot. There's no visible swollen lymphs that I can see or feel, what could be the reason..
4. I also have fleeting pain in my stomach.

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those symptoms will pass soon enough once you fully accept your hiv negative status.
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Some experts say that there's low risk with condom, why?
in such case is it possible that the low risk exposure may lead to delayed ARS, I'm in 11th week now & having fever cough, cold body ache.
Also what about the other symptoms which are still continue since 4weeks & cough throughout.
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i read somewhere, that it is 1/100,000, but i think that is too much. as weak as hiv is outside the body and the the inherent difficulty in the infection process make it basically risk free as long as it does not break and is used throughout penetrative vaginal and anal sex.
symptoms really are useless to diagnose hiv. only a test can do that. the reason is because the symptoms are totally non specific and often do no present at all, so to get worked up over a cough that is probably due to some stress on your part is worthless.
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if you want to confirm that you had hiv or not ..is only method is to be have hiv test..so be test and get the result
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Hello All,
Thanks for the wonderful work that you are doing, your consulting really helps to  reduce the anxiety & nerves. Now I have tested on the 84th day after my last exposure with tri- dot method which came negative, I know you told me about me being negative but still I've done the test to satisfy myself. I'm now in much more at peace & consider this result as conclusive. Thanks again for great service!
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