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Symptoms and concerns

8 weeks ago I had sex with 2 prostitutes - http://www.samya.de/gallery/index.php - Lula and Cornelia. I received oral sex unprotected from the first and had sex with her protected for about 40 minutes than after 1.5 hours I was given unprotected oral sex with the other and had protected sex for about 30 minutes max.

I have been told multiple time by Teak and everyone that is helping out with this forum(including both doctors) to move one as there is zero risk on this encounter. Still I am not feeling better and in fact I am feeling worse. I am seeing a psychiatrist as suggested by many of you and my next appointment with him is in the first week of February. Below I will write down a list of symptoms that I have had since my contact. Really I am trying to stay off the forum as much as I can but I feel that I need some input from you guys.

1 week from contact

- got woken up from a nap by a horrendous headache, tried to calm down by watching tv, within the hour could not keep my eyes open and had to be taken to the ER - spinal fluid was taken out (nothing wrong), blood tests were done (tests in blood showed that I was getting over a cold so higher readings - per doctor). Pain in the head lasted for about 4-5 hours. Next day was still a little dizzy but not in pain.

- i realized that my knuckles, face and groin area was extremely red and dry. Also a continuous burning sensation in my throat, the areas mentioned before, in my chest and some pain in my nipples

- I am very congested but I keep on blowing this clear thick mucus, seems to be coming from my throat also

2 weeks from the contact

- met with the PD and asked me how were my results, told me that blood readings were a little high but nothing to be concerned of. Told him what i did and asked him if blood readings might have anything to do with my fear. He said no. Doctor is an internist.

- clear mucus still in my throat and nose

3 weeks from the contact

- throat still red and burning. Every once in a while some pain in my nipples. That week I saw a neurologist, dermatologist, rheumatologist and GI doctor. GI doctor told me that my liver readings  were higher than last spring - I am a hep B holder and my readings were at 2000 for the HEP B virus dna and now they were at 19300 quantitatio.

-my tongue started to burn at this point and it started to take away from my appetite.

- at one point I felt a very strong burning in my perineum area that spread towards my anus and testicles with some pain in my penis but mostly burning. I had moments when my testicles were so red and dry that they looked shinny purple

-still redness on my knuckles, face and some small patches on my chest

- a small canker sore appeared under my tongue - hard at touch, yellowish and went away in about 3 days as I had canker melts on it most of the time.

- burning feeling in the middle of my hands and soil of my feet still there with itchiness and a small pain

- clear mucus gone but burning in my throat still there

- for the next weeks and up until present I also have a stinging (not burning) feeling in my Adams apple - sometimes a red patch appears

week 4  

- as I looked at my tongue that was burning I saw that the roof of my mouth was spotted with about 6-7 red spots out of which one larger one right in the middle - roof was a little itchy

- went to see the doctor and expressed my concerned, he recommended me to an infectious disease doctor and I took an RNA and a Elisa test.  

-throat still red and burning, hands, face also.

Week 5

- saw the inf. disease doctor - told me that both tests came negative (this was done at 25 days) and not to worry about it

- saw a dermatologist that gave me a cream for the hands - no improvement. Showed him the spots on the roof of my mouth - told me that it must be a virus - will go away

- my eyes are feeling dry at this point and especially in the outer corner of my eyes - I feel like there is not enough lubrication so they get irritated as I blink

- I can see two small white spots on my penis mostly when i get out of the shower

- my penis in the urethral area tends to get really irritated after I pee. Not exaggerated but the region gets more red - this happens every time

- I am having trouble peeing as my jet is very weak and I can not squeeze a few more as you normally can, it feels about the same when I go number two. Like the muscle in that area died.

- burning feeling in the middle of my hands and soil of my feet still there with itchiness and a small pain

- strange come and go dull nerve pains in the inner side of my thighs - about 7 inches from my knees

Week 6

- red face, red knuckles, red scrotum still also red and burning throat and tongue

- spots on the roof of my mouth have faded away and now one of them is left but it got bigger and still red ( I looks like it split in th middle a little bit) - nothing coming out of there or anything like that

- i had protected sex with my wife and after ejaculation my penis got extremely red, what looked also very scary is that around my urethral orifice the penis was actually a very dark to black red

- Got a strange irritation around my anus that started to burn like from the inside to outside. Made an appointment with the infectious disease doctor and he told me that it is nothing concerning. gave me a slip to retest for RNA HIV, Elisa and Syphilis in 2 weeks at 8 weeks. Irritation (rash) lasted no more than 3 days.

- burning feeling in the middle of my hands and soil of my feet still there with itchiness and a small pain

- I walk and it feels like I just had a cramp in my calf, by my knees. Back side of my knees feel a little stiff

- still random dull nerve pains in my thighs

- red spot on the roof of my mouth is still there but fading away, sometimes it gives me a dull pain with itchiness

- I have this strange small sharp pains in my stomach on each side of the belly button, they come and go

- met an urologist and told me to do 4 weeks of levaquin as he feels that maybe my prostate is a little bit irritated

- when I sleep I feel like the lymph nodes in the armpit are a little swollen - I have a dull pain but mostly I can feel them if I sleep on the site and the upper arm rests on my body - the armpit seems like it has a dull pain and swell in it

- the anus rash came again, this time bigger and it burns more - it is strange how the burning doesn't seem to be only on the outside but seem to start from the inside

week 7

-throat still burning and tongue also

- saw an ENT for my throat - tells me that it can last between 6 weeks to 2 years :o) - he is not concerned about the spot on the roof of my mouth - not even when I tell him that it's been there for  almost 5 weeks

- I am supposed to take the tests again next week but want to take it earlier as I am not sure that starting the lavaquin will affect the tests.

- same crampy feeling in the back of my legs as I walk

- same dry eyes

- testicles and all scrotal area look very dry and flaky -  burning feeling and red in the whole area

- I feel like my ears are a little plugged

- the uncomfortable feeling in my armpit I can now feel it also in my groin - both sides - pain is like a beckon - up and down - when I say pain throughout this letter I need to clarify that pain is about 3 to 5 out of 10 - but never higher. Just enough to be an uncomfortable pain.

- rash on the roof of my mouth still there

- rash on my anus still there with some burning ans strange deeper pain at times

- this wednesday I decided not to wait anymore and I took the tests, I started the lavaquin right after that

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same crampy feeling in the back of my legs

same burning in my throat, scrotum, hands and feet and redness in my throat, knuckles, face, chest

for some reason I wake up in the morning for the past 3 days and I have a short sharp pain in my lower back. I have lots of knots by my shoulder blade - the painful ones that won't let you breathe

I feel the lymph nods pain today more than ever - groin and armpit. The armpit ones actually hurt as a take a deep breath

My neck is also feeling a little lumpy but no pain - just a little stiff

spot on roof of my mouth still there

I have a feeling that I am getting sick but can't explain why - a little tired and heavy and out of it

my nails look like they got a little whiter but not sure if it has anything to do with anything

I looked in the mirror 2 hours ago and something new appeared in my mouth - on both sides of my cheeks I have these red spots like small blood clots - about 3 on each side - dark blood little pools

doctor called me this afternoon and told me that the Syphilis test came negative and also one of the HIV tests came negative - she did not know which - I was under the impression that the tests would be ready in 1 week the earliest so I am a little confused.

Thank you for reading all this.  I was at 220lb 7 weeks ago today I am at 208. Not sure if this is related to stress as I also did not mention diarrhea or some night  sweats that I also attribute to stress.

Teak you have given you opinion and I would really appreciate if you could tell me again if you are holding ground on it.

Thank you for your time everyone.

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You did not really have a risk for HIV and your symptoms came a little too early and lasted too long. They don't really sound like ARS symptoms anyways. Whatever is causing your problems is unrelated and is probably nothing to worry about. Your only exposure was oral sex which is basically no risk. To my knowledge there has never been a documented case of HIV transmission through oral sex alone...and just think about how much oral sex has gone on around the world over the past 20+ years. Just put this in perspective and you'll see there is nothing to worry about regarding your fears.  
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He knows he didn't have a risk and he's been told over and over again that he has never had a risk and that he needs to continue to use condoms. He just doesn't want to listen.
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I would have not been concerned if these things would have gone away by now. You see that I also tried to stay away from the forum but I have a lot of things that have not gone away yet and over these things that are adding up.  Is this all that you have to say over all that I wrote ?  
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man what a story my reading is worse than my spelling
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Chris is right. Take for example this new strain of MRSA which, although right now is predominantly found in the gay community, can quickly become a threat to other groups if not identified and treated properly.

NY Times
January 15, 2008
New Bacteria Strain Is Striking Gay Men

A new, highly drug-resistant strain of the “flesh-eating” MRSA bacteria is being spread among gay men in San Francisco and Boston, researchers reported on Monday.

In a study published online by the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, the bacteria seemed to be spread most easily through anal intercourse but also through casual skin-to-skin contact and touching contaminated surfaces.

The authors warned that unless microbiology laboratories were able to identify the strain and doctors prescribed the proper antibiotic therapy, the infection could soon spread among other groups and become a wider threat.

The new strain seems to have “spread rapidly” in gay populations in San Francisco and Boston, the researchers wrote, and “has the potential for rapid, nationwide dissemination” among gay men.

The study was based on a review of medical records from outpatient clinics in San Francisco and Boston and nine medical centers in San Francisco.

The Castro district in San Francisco has the highest number of gay residents in the country, according to the University of California, San Francisco. One in 588 residents is infected with the new multidrug-resistant MRSA strain, the study found. That compares with 1 in 3,800 people in San Francisco, according to statistical analyses based on ZIP codes.

A separate part of the study found that gay men in San Francisco were about 13 times more likely to be infected than other people in the city.

The San Francisco researchers suggested that scrubbing with soap and water might be the most effective way to stop skin-to-skin transmission, particularly after sexual activities.

MRSA, for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, was once spread chiefly in hospitals. But in recent years, a number of healthy people have acquired it outside hospitals.

Nearly 19,000 people died in the United States from MRSA infections in 2005, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported.

The infection can cause unusually severe problems, including abscesses and skin ulcers. The bacteria can invade through the skin to produce necrotizing fasciitis, giving them the popular name of flesh-eating bacteria. They can also cause pneumonia, damage the heart and produce widespread infection through the blood.

Among gay men in the study, MRSA was spread by skin contact, causing abscesses and infection in the buttocks and genital area.

The new strain is closely related to earlier ones. Both are known as MRSA USA300.

The strain is much more difficult to treat because it is resistant not just to methicillin, but also many more of the antibiotics used to treat the earlier strains, said Dr. Henry F. Chambers, an author of the new study.

The new strain contains a plasmid called pUSA03.

“This particular clone is resistant to at least three other drugs, clindamycin, tetracycline and mupirocin,” Dr. Chambers said in a telephone interview.

Of the alternatives recommended by the C.D.C. and the Infectious Diseases Society of America, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim), clindamycin and a tetracycline, “this strain is resistant to two of those three,” he added. “In addition, the new strain is resistant to mupirocin, which has been advocated for eradicating the strain from carriers.”

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Really, I just wanted to share this with someone. At this point if i have it - I have it and if I don't -  I don't. I am not stressed on a daily basis about this, I have done this before and is an addiction that might have some roots in the fact that in Easter Europe this is a very common thing - like going to the gym. It is the main reason why I am seeing a psychiatrist, I do love my wife very much and I don't do what I do because I don't get it at home - just simply because it has been in me for a while, just like having a beer.  What worries me is all these things that I feel now  and that I have never felt before.

As I tested at 7.5 weeks I would say that there is a fair chance to get an accurate idea about where I am standing. Personally I feel that I have all the symptoms in the book and this (not fever or sweating) and this dull pain in axilar and inguilar area can only mean some sort of infection - why would this hurt as I am taking one of the strongest antibiotics in the market?

Thank for listening guys. Your comments do help. I will get back to you in a week. Teak, would you agree that at 7.5 weeks no matter what risk I had or not have - the result would be accurate?

Thank you.
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Chris, I assumed is a sexual disease as the only thing out of ordinary to cause a disturbance in my immune system was this. As all the other STDs are out of the window I could only assume it was this one... hence the reason I write in this forum.

Please look at my story. An ingrown hair would have never get my attention and I was NOT stressed or aware or guilty or thinking about the event so I could say that I started this in my mind. True, in time I did become concerned but just because I was not feeling well...
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I am done posting until I get the result next week - 28. Teak would appreciate you answering to my question. All the best.
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