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Symptoms at a week


Please help!  I'm an idiot and 8 days ago had vaginal sex with an African prostitute!  She gave me oral sex without a condom for about 5 minutes, then we had protected vaginal sex in which she supplied the condom.  We had sex for about 10 minutes.  I could not ejaculate, so I gave up and pulled out.  The part that worries me is that when I pulled out the condom was not on my penis.  The tip of the condom was still in her vagina.  So I'm not sure if I was exposed unprotected or not?  She showered, then we proceeded to have protected vaginal intercourse again.  This time it was for about 15 minutes and I couldn't ejaculate again so I quit.  The condom stayed on this time and there was no break.  She also used standard hand lotion as lube on the condom if that means anything?

I've experienced a multitude of symptoms related to ARS.  The first 5 days I was just worried sick.  The thought of HIV consumed me and I could not work or think about anything else!  The anxiety was so great that I couldn't see clearly, stayed light-headed, and at times thought I was going to pass out!  I also felt fatigued and would take a two hour nap after work.  I would also dry-heave but I attribute that to just being so worried.  On day 6, I develped a scratchy & mildly sore throat and lymph nodes started to swell.  Day 7 was the same thing except now my tongue was completely white for two hour periods on and off throughout the day.  It is now day 8 and my symptoms are the same as day 7.  My appetite hasn't been as good either.

I'm in reasonably good shape and very rarely ever get sick, much less have a white tongue.  Now, I'm worried sick that I have the symptoms of ARS!  It is consuming me!  Will these types of symptoms show this early after an exposure?  I have read the statistics and probabilities and it has put my mind at ease at times, but I can't ignore these symptoms!  Any wisdom you can share would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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You didn't have a risk.  From your description, you lost the condom on withdrawal, which wouldn't have left you unprotected.  Next time, hold ONTO the condom at the base of your penis when pulling out.  Oral sex is not a risk, condom or not.

No risk, no need to test.  Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.  Most likely, they are a result of anxiety.
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