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Symptoms following an unprotected ora sex with a sex worker - ?HIV risk

I hope someone can put my mind at ease a little but I am currently terrified that I may have contracted HIV via unprotected oral sex with a sex worker.
The girl was from Brazil and I do not know her HIV status. We had unprotected oral sex both ways and then protected insertive sex. She also fingered my anus with no protection o her finger but this was for less than a minute and she did not inserted the finger deep.
Two days after I developed a spot on the tip of my penis which then dissapeared but a rash appeared in its place. I did go to a Sexual Health Clinic 11 days later to show it to them as was worried it could have been Herpes. They said it was not Herpes and said I had fungal infection most likely from condom irritation - they gave me a cream to use and it seems to be working.

More worryingly - it is now around 5 weeks after the sex and I have had sore throat for few days. I also sweat a lot and feel feverish although when checked my temperature is fine. It does not really feel exactly like a flu as my symptoms did not worsen and do not get muscle aches etc. I also had what appears to be a canker sore inside my mouth. This dissapeared only after one day but a day later (today) another one appeared.
I booked another appointment at the Sexual Health Clinic but in the meantime I am worried senseless that I may be going through Seroconversion stage of HIV infection. As I know HIV anti-body test can show negative result in that stage even when infected.

Has anyone any thoughts on this - what are my risks. Does that sound like a early HIV infection phase?
Please help!
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In the Spanish study, researchers in Madrid followed several hundred couples that included one partner who was HIV-positive from 1990 to 2000. Then the researchers narrowed the number to 110 women and 25 men who engaged in unprotected oral sex but wore condoms during other types of intercourse.

The results of the study appear in a recent issue of the journal AIDS.

The researchers, counting both fellatio and cunnilingus, estimated that 19,000 oral sex acts had occurred, and men had ejaculated in 34 percent to 41 percent of the fellatio acts. However, no HIV-negative partners contracted the virus.

Page Shafer says saliva appears to create an environment that is unhealthy for the AIDS virus
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