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Symptoms for last one month....WORRIED


About 8 weeks (61 days) ago, I had made a stupid mistake to have sex with a CSW.
The following are the symptoms that I have experienced since then

After 10-12 days, I had a SEVERE sore throat and dry cought for 4-5 days and I was feeling slight fever. My cough was very severe, was coughing continuously.

After 30 days, I was feeling sick and had sore throat for 2 days.

In Week 5: I had some pressure in forehead for 1-2 days then the pressure moved my face (2 days).

In Week 6: I have had sore throat for a day,  malice for 2 days and burning and tingling pain in my palm of the hands.

In week 7: I had sore throat for the entire week, a red swollen spot in the throat (pain on touch),  pain in back and shoulders. Also, I had some low fever for a day. I also noticed that my hands and feet would go numb quite often when suring my sleep?

At present my throat is still sore, also my tounge has gone white and I have a bad taste in my mouth for last 2-3 days. (Metalic taste)

Since week 5, NOT a day has gone when I have felt 100%. My symptoms have jumped from one part of my body to another?

I have been been worried and stressed out as well since I read that Numbness, tingling, or burning in the feet, hands, or face are ARS symptoms as with SEVERE sore throat infection and white tongue.

Regarding my recent exposure, I had USED A CONDOM with the CSW and I am sure that there was any breakage. Atleast that's what I think. I was negative before this (100%). So, I did not go for any testing now  because this was a NO RISK situation. Am I correct in my thinking?

My recent symptoms have put me in lots of stress and I am now confused if I have had a risk.

1. Do you think that I have risk and I should go for testing ? OR I should just ignore these symptoms and carry on?

2. Do these symptoms sound like ARS?

3. Is it ok for me to have unprotected sex with my gf?

4 Could my symptoms like METALLIC Taste , numbness of hands and feet be caused by STRESS?

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"I had USED A CONDOM with the CSW and I am sure that there was any breakage" - then there is no risk at all.

"So, I did not go for any testing now  because this was a NO RISK situation. Am I correct in my thinking?" - you most certainly are correct in your thinking.

Sounds as though you are experiencing some anxiety.  You should relax because HIV is spread through:

- UNPROTECTED vaginal/anal intercourse
- sharing of iv drug works
- mother to child

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Hi Vaughany,

Firstly, I want to thank you for your prompt reply. You have helped easy my stress....

I just checked your profile and saw that your are also from brisbane. I had sex with a lady working at one of the brothels in brisbane.

do you know if the ladies working in brothels are screened for STDs?

Also do my symptoms sound like ars?

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Hi Teak and Mike_No,

Could you please reply if my symptoms could be caused because of Anxiety?

I just need some reassurance regarding my symptoms. Thanks
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"do you know if the ladies working in brothels are screened for STDs? " - I personally do not know this because I have never engaged one, however, think about it this way, they would not only be protecting you from them but also protecting themselves from you.

"Also do my symptoms sound like ars?" - ARS if it happens at all happens 2-4 weeks post infection and lasts from 1-2 weeks.

Since the sex was protected you should have no concern worrying yourself over the aforementioned details.  It sounds as though you have some stress and anxiety over the situation.

You should relax knowing that your sex was protected and that condoms work.  When used consistently and correctly, as you have explained, they are very effective in protecting against HIV.

All the best.

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Thanks for your reply....I really apprecialte your HELP!!!
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