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Symptoms of HIV ?

Possible Exposures

I had unprotected sex with my frnd on Apr 3, 2008, on may 24, 2008,
Oral Sex with another frnd in May, 2008, we had no sexual intercourse
I had foreplay with another frnd, May 24, 2008, we had no sexual intercourse.

I got tested for HIV [HIV-NEGATIVE, HBsAG-NEGATIVE, VDRL-NON REACTIVE] on Jun 18, 2008, it came out with negative result.

Past Symptoms

On June 23rd i had a cold nd rashes on my armpit, nd a small sore on my penis, it got cured wen the doctor gave me some ointments, i asked the doctor if the armpit growth is an enlarged lymphnode, he said no, nd for the penis sore, he said it s cuz for the penadol tablet i took for the cold, there was no fever. abt armpit growth, he said it is cuz of the climate change, it s very hot here.

Also i have white coating on my tongue, it has been there for more 1 year now, am using a scraper nw, which takes it of

Current Symptoms

Now i have Joint pain on my knee nd Arm
nd mouth sores, not painful, Minor Apthous ulcer, [using Pansoral & Vitamin tablets]
i have sinus [for a long time now], in the morning these days it s heavy.
I have become weak [my frnds say i have OCD, nd am worried so much whic affecting my health]

I want to know if i am affected with HIV ?
Wen i can test now for HIV? for a confirmed result ?
I have decided to test for HIV infection on 14th July, 2008, will it confirm my HIV status?
After unprotected sex exposure, wats the exact time frame to test for HIV, for a confirmed result. ?

Please reply.

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you should test 3 months after the last unproteced sexual exposure. you test was nearly 8 weeks past the last unprotected exposure adn it was -ve which is very incouraging becuase aat this time 95% of the people who are infected test +ve. test again at the 12 week mark and get you conclusive results. ( whish you the best)
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Thank you for the reply, i have scheduled my nxt test on 14th Aug, 08.


i tested first time after 11 weeks after the complete exposure [which wat am worried of], i got negative, my symptoms started after the this test, before i had no symptoms. i have read that, aids virus symptoms show up after 2-4 weeks of the exposure.

is that possible to have symptoms so late ?
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Your symptoms came on to late to be related to HIV. If you tested past 11 weeks and recieved a negative test result, you are conclusively negative. Just for your information there is no AIDS virus. The HIV virus is what progresses to advance HIV diseases (AIDS).
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i got tested again on 15th aug 08, nd got a -ve result, antibody test. that is 19 weeks after feared infection, i ll test again n dec 08 to cofirm again. thank you all.
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wat test i shud do to get a confirmed test result on hiv infection, after 6 months, i want to do this antibody test again nd ny other test to finally confirm that i am not infected at all.

please tell me

CD4 count will do that ?

anyother test ?
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3 months is conclusive...NOT 6 MONTHS.
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no need to test out to 6 months it is a waste of testing and time 3 months is conclusive end of story
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thank you frnds :)

i presume the test u mentioned is elisa antobody test !

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